Misty morning 9k

Misty morning 9k

Another good run, although misty with a distinct Autumn chill in the air, although the data from the Garmin read 100% humidity. I trundled along Sparrows den watching some of the rugby tournament on the way with one eye on surface tree roots, seeing some of the youngsters in tackles it bought back some old school memories of mates with broken collarbones..

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  • What a great photo Dave...you are just an amazing example of what this running is all about... enjoyment :)

    Hope Mrs Dave is making good progress still x

  • Mrs Dave is healing nicely still, but eating quite a few cakes & biscuit's, I've been wagging my finger!😠 tsk tsk.. But hey! She's having some downtime! of course I'll allow her some.. 😁 the side affects of the anaesthetic she had has been playing havoc with her feelings, but she's looking forward to going back to work in 3 weeks time and getting back to her dancercise class before Christmas, all being good on her follow up hospital appointment's in November, so, all looking good..😊

  • Great pic. Great Post. Looking good Dave πŸ‘πŸ˜Š

  • Well done Dave another 9k in the bag! Glad slinky is recovering well x 😊

  • What a great photo - I did 9k too this morning and it was rather humid so jacket came off! No rain though so not complaining. All the best to your wife.

  • Great action shot Dave, and another good run well done! 😎

  • That looks such a lovely place to run!

  • It is, I run along there usually once a week, there's horses in the field, but quite a busy road on the other side, so don't run it too often, although it's an uninterrupted run..😊

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