No headphones allowed :(

My first 10k race number came excited!! πŸ˜† but a letter stating in big bold letters that no headphones allowed came too! πŸ™ how can I possibly run without my music? It's my security blanket, when I'm tired and those gremlins are being horrible to me the music helps to drown them out and when i really really really want to give up I'll say to myself just run for 1 more song and I do....most of the time.

I've got just over 5 weeks to go so should I continue running with my music and then wear my ears naked on race day or just start running ear naked now?

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  • This is pretty standard for races now. It's to do with H&S and so that you can hear instructions from marshals, etc.

    But fear not. I run with my music most of the time too and it really motivates me but at races I don't miss it because there's so much going on around you and you want to soak up the atmosphere, exchange funny comments with the marshals and other runners......

    You could try running without before your race but to be honest it'll be a totally different experience to race day so I would just carry on wearing them now and just enjoy your race on the day. Good luck with the race!

  • IrishPrincess - you have stolen my Thunder ! :) I was about to say the same as you :) I find that lone running (especially long distances) while training is much tougher than the actual races . While training for my last HM in April, I listened to History podcasts :) to pass the time. But during the actual "race" there is so much excitement - so many things/people to watch, etc , that I really don't need any more distraction. But , for me at least, that last 1K or so is always agonising and NOTHING could distract me from the pain anyway!! :) . This is where you just have to dig deep!!! In fact, earphones at that stage would be an embuggerance :)

  • We obviously went to the same running school Bazza πŸ™‚

    I love my training runs partly because I can listen to music but you're right, when you're in pain any music can be a bit annoying 😩

  • As IP says, if it's a big race there will be so much going on around you that you won't miss them anyway. I am also someone who loves to run with headphones and thought running without them would be hard. In addition to a few big races, I ran a small local 10k last autumn and on this run too, I didn't miss them as I thought I would. Seems our fitness is not reliant on them after all! πŸ™‚ What 10k are you doing? Very exciting!πŸ™‚

  • I also think you'll be fine, but it would be worth doing a run or two without music to see if you can feel the right pace. You could try listening to a podcast or audiobook. Also, you could try a parkrun without listening to music and test the theory about the atmosphere helping get you round.

  • Agree with all that others have said. I didn't think I could run without earphones either, on training runs I only tend to have one earphone in anyway, and I've noticed now, it's more just 'noise' in the background, I don't always use music at parkrun either, prefer to have a chat with the marshals and other runners as I go round. Plus sometimes I take them out completely and just listen to my surroundings - countryside etc.,

    The biggest run I've done where earphones were banned was my first half marathon earlier this year - I was more worried about toilets! I didn't miss the earphones at all, there was loads of support, several bands and people to talk to on the way round, it did seem to make it more friendly - plus there's no way I'd risk disqualification and not getting that hard earned bling! πŸ˜„

    If you don't already, maybe try your training runs with just one earphone, and the volume low enough that you can hear what's going on around you, you never know, you just might like it.....

    Good luck with your 10k!


  • My first 10K race is planned for October, but I already only use my headphones for distraction purposes on my longest run of the week. I've done 5k events before without them, and it's like everyone else says, you don't miss them because there is so much going on around you.

  • Thankyou all for the advice...update time...

    Well, I ran headphone/music free today and ran my first ever 10k too. I think it was because I was distracted due to having to sing instead...obviously not out loud though πŸ˜‚ I thought I'd try to run for an hour and when I checked I'd ran 8.5k so carried on. Ok it wasn't a very good time...82 minutes but considering I couldn't run for 1 minute in April without feeling like I was dying I'm still so proud of myself. Roll on Sept 3rd for the Wolverhampton Banks's 10k because I know I can do it...again πŸ˜†πŸ˜†

  • Whoop whoop! Well done to you for your first 10K. And for running "naked" πŸ™‚ The time matters not one iota. You ran for 10K! πŸƒπŸƒπŸƒ

    Good luck for the race and enjoy.

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