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To run for runnings sake


Since I started the C25K programme and then bridge to 10K I, like others on this forum, have had a little bit of an obsession with my pace, or distance or stamina even though I kept telling myself I didn’t really.

I had headed out about 2 weeks ago without my music for the first time and quite enjoyed it so I ventured out again but decided to be even more radical for me today and went technology naked, no music, no tracking device and my phone only came in my belt for safety, no GPS or tracking turned on. Do you know what? I LOVED IT. I ran far longer than I was planning and mixed up a couple of routes that overlap each other. I have no idea of the real distance or my speed but I enjoyed the run more than I have enjoyed any run in weeks. I am training for a run later in the year so will need to plug in sometimes but I am definitely going to do this a bit more often as I hadn’t realised how stressed the checking of my stats had started to make me which really defeats the object of why I took up running in the first place.

My lesson for this week, remember to do things for the joy it gives me.

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Sounds like a lovely run. Enjoy the next one.

EB43Graduate10 in reply to Jay66UK

Thank you. Tomorrow is my planned hill run so might not be so idyllic.

Jay66UKGraduate10 in reply to EB43

Aargh! Hills!!


Yes! Love this. I have always said that I run for the joys. 😁 But yet to try naked running. Maybe after I have completed the 10k training. I wish you many joyful runs to come!

EB43Graduate10 in reply to Sadie-runs

It was a revelation....but I had got over my 10k first. 😁


This is lovely, and what a great idea too...

EB43Graduate10 in reply to ju-ju-

I would never have been brave enough a few weeks ago but after reading a post on her about running without music I thought I'd try.


Hi! I went out for a walk in my running clothes one evening last week and forgot my earphones so I had no music! Then I started running and for first time I didn’t record it on Strava! (I don’t have a watch. Just a Fitbit flex 2 with no screen) It felt really good and immediately felt less stressed! I do like looking at my stats though so I won’t do it all the time but it definitely took the pressure off!!!! 😀

EB43Graduate10 in reply to Sarakc

I know. I was surprised at how relaxed I was. Won't be every time but it did remind me why I run.


I love the sound of this and my walking coach keeps telling me not to record all outings but I just love the stats. I would love to try but have someone sneak my watch in my bag so I didn’t know about it. YES I KNOW. I am addicted to my stats 😂😂😂.

EB43Graduate10 in reply to Realfoodieclub

I have just put the new fitness tracker on hold for a few more weeks......but keeping my current one just in case.


Good for you! That’s what it’s all about 😃. It’s lovely int it. Just you, the run and the views, taking it all in and enjoying it. I bet you felt no niggles, aches Nor pains because there is no stress

Do it regularly 👍🏃‍♀️

EB43Graduate10 in reply to misswobble

Yep it's going to become part of what I do. Thanks

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