Haven't had a run in nearly 2 years. Where to start?

I did a lot of running a few years back and did a lot of 10k and ended the year with a half marathon. I got married in 2015 and was too busy to find the time for running and then I became pregnant and gave birth over 6 months ago to a beautiful baby boy. I used to really enjoy running and was pretty good at it. I would love to get back into it, but the thought of it really scares me.

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  • HI! You've done a half marathon and you're scared? Noooo! Remember that great running feeling? That's what you have to keep in your mind, banish the fright. Don't let the gremlins get you before you've got your gear back on :) Think back to the positive things that running gave you, buy yourself a pair of trainers, and go out for a short jog on your lonesome. See how you feel. Or try C25K, you'll have it done and dusted in no time. Come on, lace 'em up and join us on the sunny side. We may not have cookies, but we have jelly babies and date flapjacks.

  • Thanks for the reply. You've really motivated me to get back into it. I really appreciate your advice. A lot of people have replied about the C25K and I've just had a look. It seems really realistic and achievable. I feel that I can do it. Haven't felt like that in a while, therefore thank you for recommending it.

  • Goooooooo, girl!

  • Why not have a go at the C25k programme. Take it slow and steady, and see if you can find time to fit it around looking after your young one. I'm sure finding yourself some "me time" will benefit you and your little one. Once you get back into it, you can always do buggy running. We have lots of buggy runners at our Parkrun.

    Good luck with finding your trainers - I remember what baby brain was like.


  • Thank you for recommending the C25K. A few people have recommended this on the thread. I've just had a look it seems really realistic and do-able. I feel really positive about it. Buggy running sounds like fun, I'll have to see what's about in my area.

    Thanks again for you reply and advice. :)

  • Just try the c25k programme. You'll be back into it in no time. I can understand being daunted, you used to do half marathons and that seems a very long way in your current state. So don't set yourself up to fail, start right back at the beginning with the 1 min runs and ease your body back into it. You're young and probably still reasonably fit, you will find your way back really quickly. Good luck! And let us know how it goes!

  • I've just had a look at the C25K programme and it seems really realistic and achievable. I feel positive that I can do it. Haven't felt like that in a while, therefore thank you for recommending it. Hopefully I'll be back doing a half marathon by the end of the year. Thanks again.

  • Have a read through some of the posts on this forum it will get you going again, everyone is so excited this time of year it's a bit contagious


  • Thanks for the link, I'll have a look at it. Really appreciate your advice.

  • Have you thought about just putting on your gear, going out for a gentle run and seeing how it goes? You might surprise yourself. I picked up squash again after a hiatus of over 10 years and got back in to it quite quickly. Some aches for a couple of days through using certain long dormant muscles but apart from that, body & mind seemed to realise that I'd been there before and just got on with it!

  • Yes I have thought about and it and it was exactly what my husband suggested. I have to start somewhere, just need to get on with it. Thanks for the tip.

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