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Had a fall. Full length in the dirt with swearing!!

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Went out for a pootle ad it was so hot onky eantedcto do 5K I the shade. 29 degrees 4pm off I went.

After onky 1.5km I tripped on a tree root, hole in my leggings, crazed swollen knee, bruised leg and pride.

BUT I didn't turn back. I checked I was ok swore a lot and carried on. Some running walking but I did my 5k.

I'm getting slower, I'm getting clumsier but I think I'm getting more positive about my running.


19 Replies
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Ouchie!! Poor you, but well done for carrying on, not sure I would have.

I’m setting my alarm clock for 5am so I can run before it gets ridiculously hot. Don’t like the heat!!


That doesn't look too nice. Treat it nice tomorrow ;) Well done for carrying on


Oh wow. You're one tough cookie to keep going! I had a nasty fall in the winter on some ice, swore like a sailor, had a little cry and limped home. Take care of yourself, especially running in that heat!

NwrkpakGraduate10 in reply to SaskAlliecat

I was terrified if running in the ice and snow but don't like the heat much better!!


Ouch!!! 😣

Swearing always helps with the pain πŸ˜‚

NwrkpakGraduate10 in reply to Nictwit

It really did and was quite liberating as the horses didn't seem to mind and they were the only ones around.

Gosh you are a trooper.

Hope you repair well.

Plenty ice on that knee.

Take care of you.


Well done for not letting it stop you! πŸ’ͺ✊

Hope your knee is ok now. Heat can make you clumsy.

Nothing can stop you now! πŸ‘πŸ˜


OMG! I hope your Saucony’s came away unharmed 😱

Bashed knees and hands are a bit of a feature in this game but hopefully no harm done. Dust yourself off and press on πŸ˜ƒπŸ‘πŸ’ͺπŸƒβ€β™€οΈ

Epsom salts in the bath helps at times like these πŸ™‚

NwrkpakGraduate10 in reply to misswobble

Lol my saucony are fine. My cheap decathlon leggings normal much. And yes I will get some Epsom salts and keep them in. Thanks i ran today and was fine.


Ouchies! I hope it's ok now. well done for keeping going x


Thanks everyone. My knee is fine. Bit sore and achy where I lurched across the dirt but all is good. Everyone is very kind.

I had a better run at 530 this morning.


I was mortified on my first fall. I fell on a speed bump which was hiding in the dark. As was I 😁

NwrkpakGraduate10 in reply to misswobble

Lol. If there had been anyone around I'd have been so embarrassed but the horses were kind Nd didn't laugh . 😁and I can just blame the heat not my clumsiness !

No stopping you then.

Very well done.

Take care of you.


Thank you 😁


I am really clumsy and have fallen several times. I fell once while peering nosily over a hedge at a posh hotel on the isle of Wight. I fell into the hedge, landing on my water bottle 😁. I cut my hand, knee, shoulder and was filthy dirty but I washed myself in the sea afterwards, which was heavenly

I have had one serious fall, when I fell headlong over another runner who had fallen. What a calamity πŸ™„


I see why you're called mids wobble now 😁😁

Take care . It can be dangerous out there xπŸ˜ŠπŸ˜ƒ

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