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BMI 40+

I haven't posted here throughout but wanted to let the other folks who might be wondering if it's possible to do this with a 40+ BMI - it's possible and it's not painful when you do it right.

I started walking 5 minutes per hour with a BMI of 43.5 on July 4th, was walking for an hour a day by September.

That walking alone has ended my nightly leg cramps, maybe a little thing to someone else but to me that's was an almost immediate benefit.

In September I plucked up my courage and advanced to the C25K plan then. Like the inexperienced runner I promptly injured myself in week 2 (extensor tendonitis) and was laid up for nearly a month - get good running shoes and advice on how to tie and tighten them to avoid this.

From mid-October onwards I restarted C25K and completed w9R3 on December 30th.

While I now run faster than I can walk that wasn't always the case during the plan, don't be afraid to slow right down and concentrate on doing the time. No problem taking weeks more than once either - I redid weeks 1 and 2 post injury and week 6 later on.

I'm not fast - moving (now) 23st5lb requires plenty of effort - I have improved my pace steadily over the plan. Doing 5k in the 30 minutes is still an aspiration, maybe by the end of this year :)

To anyone with high BMI reading this (mine is now down to 41.2) and wondering, is this for me or is it just for them? My words are simple; make it for yours!

My best to everyone on this journey now or in the future.

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Well done. What an inspiration you are, thank you so much for posting your journey, I know it will make all the difference to someone out there. I notice you haven't got your badge yet. Pop your name in the pinned post January graduation badges 2017 and you can have your very well deserved graduate badge next to you name.


What an inspirational post - well done you:). I have nothing but admiration for people for whom this truly is an epic challenge. 👍😀


What a fantastic post! What an incredible journey. Lots of ups and downs but a true happy ending - should say happy beginning, as this is obviously just the start of your running adventure. Truly inspiring. :)


What a fantastic post. Keep it up and it took me two years to graduate now I am completely addicted.


Congratulations to you :-) Great admiration for your determination. 5k in 30 minutes is pie in the sky as far as I can see but I'll still keep running. Look forward to hearing when you get there :-)


Year on, still running, going just a bit faster but still a long way from 5k in my 30 minute stretches. BMI is down to 35.8 and folks it feels real good to drop a clothes size. Keeping the goal it's a useful target.


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