First run for a month

Went for my first run for a month today and went along to my home parkrun. Not too cold this morning and the condition of the trail was in pretty good shape as well, just perfect! Took it easy today thinking my fitness my have dropped off a bit, but here I am sitting down writing this post feeling good, let's get out there again I'm thinking! 😎 My time was 28.02 for the 5k, so quite pleased with that seeing as Havant run is a little tough. Have a great weekend all! 😎

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  • goes to show you are "well fit!" Frank!!! brilliant return!!! :)

  • Thanks Ali, I did surprise myself! 😎

  • Fit Frank - that's what I'm going to call you from now on 😊 The little breather was obviously good for you 😊

  • I been called many things IP, but fit Frank is a first! ha ha. 😊

  • 😊

  • well done -cracking time!.

  • Thank you! 😎

  • Great to hear you've still got it Frank

  • Cheers Tomas! 😎

  • And why was it your first run for a month? Because you've been sunning yourself in warmer climes! No sympathy from me, get out there and make up for lost time you slacker!

    Hope you had a lovely holiday, that's a great time for 5K xxx

  • You got me banged to rights Sarah! But back to reality now! It such a hard life being a runner eh, the things we have to put up with, holidays and the like. Ha ha. 😎 X

  • Nice to see you back, welcome home xxx

  • Sounds like a very solid return Frank! Well doneπŸ™‚. Have you been unwell? I haven't run for nearly two weeks☹️️! At the moment I have Laryngitis and have been feeling rough all week! Have popped on here from time to time just to get a quick fix of running talk but oh, how I am missing running!

  • Thanks Sandra, no I've been on holiday and never managed get to a run in, I'm just a slacker! πŸ™„ Hope you start to feel better soon and you can get your running shoes on soon. 😎

  • Haha! That's ok then! Hope you had a good break!

  • Wow... great run there.. a little break has done wonders ! Brilliant!

  • Thanks Floss, I was a little surprised! Have a great week. 😊

  • Nice one Frank!😊 I've been slacking a tad lately, no Parkruns for me at the moment, although nephew is keeping them at just over 26 mins.. I'm just getting out for a 5k run once in the week, and did a 5mile walk on Thursday..😁

  • Cheers Dave, I'm sure the urge to get out running will come back soon, keep smiling!

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