Lovely morning for a run!

Went out early this morning before the grandchildren came, I thought I'd get a quick 30 minutes in, but ended up being out for 1hr 10 mins covering 7.5 miles as it was such a nice morning and by the time I got to the seafront it was too good to resist so I carried on along the front and back home through the shopping area. It's funny how some days just feels better than others, I even tried breathing through my nose inhaling and exhaling through my mouth. To be quite honest I shall give it another go as I was getting into an nice rhythm, a little more practice I think! 😎 Have a good running week everyone!

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  • Beautiful run Frank! It sounds wonderful... what a start to the day !

    Love the early morning runs... I managed two whilst at the coast... but very heavy rain stopped play this morning. So back home now, and back to my beloved fields tomorrow.

    I find how exhilarated I feel on the seaside runs... do you feel the same?

    I have been experimenting with nose breathing too; but it was in and out through your nose, after I read one of Bazza1234 's run slowly and breathe in and out is quite hard to do I found...:)

    Happy running to you too x

  • Thanks Floss, this is my new running area as we have moved recently. I do love running along the sea front but I also miss running the hills believe it or not like I did before. I watched a you tube video of nose and mouth breathing so I thought I'd give it a go and was quite impressed, whether I will the next time remains to be seen but I will perservere! Sorry to hear rain stopped play, but I'm sure you'll enjoy your fields, enjoy yourself! x

  • Sounds like a lovely run Frank - you are so lucky having a seafront to run along (when it's not too windy that is!)πŸ™‚

  • It was just perfect this morning just a breeze to keep me from overheating. Can't wait for Thursday now to get out again, just like a big kid eh! Hope your keeping fit and injury free, and enjoying your running of course! 😎

  • Just back running after 5+ weeks off actually! Cold/flu virus followed by cough, sinus infection (antibiotics ) and a bad back from too much coughing!!! First outing on Sunday was pretty dire 😫 but feeling better on today's run. Am just going to keep it a little steady and hope that my fitness comes back pretty soon! Still lovely to be back running though - I'm also looking forward to my next run on Thursday! πŸ™‚

  • Oh my I'm sorry to hear that Sandra! Sounds like a good move, taking it steady as the last thing you want is to pull a muscle. πŸ‘

  • Sounds lovely - and an impressive pace.

  • Thanks AR! 😊

  • That sounds such a lovely run Frank !

    Oh running on the sea front sounds just perfect !

    Everybody down to Frank's ! :D

    I haven't conquered the nose breathing . I might give it a go :-) xxx

  • Thanks Chris it was just great. Give it a go I certainly going to try it again, I kept going back to my usual style of breathing (gasping) but I think a bit more practice you never know. So nice to hear you enjoy the HM run and meeting up with run on again! Cheeky devil trying to Nick your medal. πŸ˜‚

  • Thank you so much Frank xxx

    Yes fancy him trying to nick my bling !!! Some people would take the sugar out of your tea if you're not careful ! :D

    I have a few leisurely runs planned so I will have chance to practice my breathing . When I first started running I kept forgetting to breathe ! :-D xxx

  • That sounds nice Frank! I see on strava you are doing lots of runs in your new area,looks great!

    We are thinking of maybe doing Southsea parkrun one weekend! 😊

  • Yes finding new runs, makes for a bit of fun. Let me know about parkrun and I'll come and join you. You guys are putting in a few miles as well, and there's marathon man Paul, isn't he doing great ! Hope to see you all soon. 😎

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