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My Running Week

I ran this week, and touch wood, so far no problems. I have been extremely careful, which has been very difficult for me to do as I do try and beat any time that I have previously run, even if it means pushing too hard, but this week my first week back after a couple of weeks I have run two slow 5ks both over 30 minutes, but not had an adverse reaction to them yet. I have also changed (temporarily) my intervals on a Wednesday to an elliptical machine just so I hopefully don't make my Achilles any worse. This has been a bit of a trying time for me, as I had really motivated myself to really improve my running over the winter, but unfortunately that has not happened yet. I am hoping if I can tick over until the new year that with new running shoes and then if my Achilles allow I will be able to push on. But I have come to a bit of realisation that in the grand scheme of things I am happy overall where I am fitness wise, and yes as we all think that things can and should improve, but not to the point where I can't run, swim or bike, that wouldn't be very productive really.

So hopefully off of the injury couch and gently training, with a view to when I am fully fit I can then make some running improvements.

I hope that you are all well and injury/sick free and keep on running!

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Really pleased for you, a great attitude and one that should mean your running's a lot better in the long term πŸ˜„

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Very well done.. this IC, can be very frustrating can't it?

I am finding my elliptical trainer a god-send too, what with the busted ribs... keeping me sane... and hopefully fit! The really low impact is so useful! My legs are getting very strong.

Just having the attitude you have to your fitness is great... keeping yourself in trim and working gently back up to where you want to be :)

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