My Running week (actually my triathlon taper week)

This week has been slightly different from my other ramblings on here. This has been my taper week seeing as my sprint triathlon is TOMORROW!!!

A bit nervous but there you go it will be something completely new for me. This week has been a case of rest and gentle exercise, no hard work this week as all the hard work has been done. So Last Sunday was a 1600m swim, rest Monday, only because of blisters on my feet, rest Tuesday a 30 minute swim on Wednesday before work, a gentle run on Thursday, and by gentle I was hoping to run about 7min per km, ended up running without any particular effort at 6.15per km which is excellent (for me). More importantly my blisters have almost healed up so no aggravation of that which was good news. And so to this morning a gentle 45 minute ride just to remind my legs that they have to go fast on the bike and that's it.

All the hard work has been done, I am amazed that I have managed the whole amount of training without hitting the IC (touch wood) and that now all I have to do is not drown in the pool tomorrow, manage to get round the bike course and then try to run a 5k in a reasonable amount of time tomorrow after getting off my bike. I have a time limit that I have imposed on myself, not that I am competing against anyone, just my inner demons, to try and give myself a respectable time so that I don't have to be embarrassed when people ask me what time I came in at.

So a restful evening for me, and early to bed as my start time is 0755 but I have to register a while before that. I will let those of you who read my posts know how it goes. Until later in the week have an injury/sick free time out there and enjoy your running.

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  • Hey Mat30 , you have done all the hard work , I am sure you will have an awesone day and everything will go well for you 😊

    Looking forward to reading your race report 😊

  • Thanks Slow_Rob race report will be in here as soon as possible

  • Good luck tomorrow Mat30! You have clearly been putting in the work and I am sure it will all go brilliantly tomorrow. Look forward to the post event report!🙂

  • Thanks Sandraj39 :-)

  • All the best for tomorrow, Mat and try to enjoy it.

    Look forward to your race report.

  • I will do my best to enjoy it Dunder2004!

  • Good Luck for tomorrow Mat.

    You've certainly put in the work in, even your taper work looks quite full on!

    Very best wishes for the result you are aiming for.

  • Thanks AnnieW55 its actually been a fairly good rest this week :-)

  • All the very best for tomorrow Mat, you have worked so hard for this.

    Please let us know how you go on, anyone doing a triathlon has my complete admiration.

    Good Luck to you xxx

  • Thanks poppypug I will let you know how it goes :-)

  • You've worked really hard Mat and I think you're fab just going for this. I wish you lots of Irish luck and I look forward to reading all about it. ☘☘ ☘

  • Good Luck, I will be cheering for you :)

  • Thanks Terrorrun I will need it! :-)

  • You have my complete respect for even contemplating trying a triathlon. Try to enjoy it!! And be proud of yourself, whatever your time.

  • Thanks runningnearbeirut I am planning on enjoying it as much as I possibly can.

  • Good luck tomorrow go and have a blast. The first event I did after graduating was a sprint triathlon and I loved every bit of it. So much that my Dad said he's never seen anyone smile like a Cheshire Cat while doing a triathlon. The buzz is amazing. Have a really great day. Can't wait for the report.

  • Good luck, Mat. You've done all the hard work, it sounds as if you're at peak form and have the right attitude so you'll smash it! Look forward to the race report - have a good nights sleep!

  • I really hope it went well.... 😎

  • How exciting! I haven't the faintest notion of respectability when it comes to triathlons (or even running for that matter) and have to have electrical assistance for my bike so you can tell me any time and I'll be tremendously impressed you did the whole thing.

    I hoped to have a rare sleep in this morning but the dog put paid to that. Thinking of you getting ready and registering and then off before 8am puts it all into perspective. Good luck and have fun!

  • How are you feeling Mat30 ?

    All the very best for today ! Good Luck !

    Enjoy it :-) xxx

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