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My Running Week

Hi all,

Mondays run was a 10k which would have gone well had I not got yet another blister at around 7k. Stopped to put a blister plaster on it and then carried on running, my time was ok at 59.41 but I am getting a bit fed up with my feet to be honest. I have tried 2 pairs of socks, a single pair of socks, blister plasters on before I run, blister plasters on when I feel a hot spot coming, loosening my shoes, tightening my shoes, sudocream after a run, nothing seems to work! My left foot, where I get most of my blisters is sore almost all of the time and of course I get the blister in almost the same place each time, so as soon as it heals it rubs, blisters and then gets sore all over again.

Other than that, intervals went well on Wednesday and my run this morning was ok, I didn't push today and still ran 29.15 without any effort. I was pretty happy with that. I have realised I am never going to be particularly speedy but for my own well being and what I want to get out of running I am satisfied.

I hope that you are all well and injury/sick free, stay smiling and keep on running!

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Well done on your week mat! :)

Regarding your blister probs, have you tried injinji socks? Rignold recommended them and i have only one pair at the mo,(they get washed alot!) but they are they only thing that has helped with my sore toes(i was getting sore bits between toes and doc didn't know what it was(not athletes foot!) ) Since i've had them things have been fine! mine are really thin but provide surprising protection.There are lots of different types..........

Mine wasn't blisters in the traditional sense as virtually invisible apart from red spots but the soreness was very real! They might work for you too??

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Thanks aliboo70 i will look into those.


Well done Mat, sounds like you had a good week !

Oh your poor feet ! That sounds so painful and frustrating for you. Have you tried Vaseline on them before you put your socks on ?

I really hope you find a solution, they must be driving you mad !

Take care and have a good weekend :-) xxx


Thanks poppypug but I was reading yet another article on blisters and it said not to put Vaseline on, however seeing as nothing is working so far I will give it a go. What can happen, it might give me a blister lol!


Hmmm do your shoes definately fit properly? That's the only thing I can think of? And well done on your running, they are great times!!


Thanks ju-ju-. When I got my shoes at Christmas last year I had my gait analysed and tried lots of running shoes on to try and get the right pair and then ran in them pretty hard for about 5 months with perfectly comfortable non blistering feet. In fact the shoes still feel really good and then just before my first triathlon in June they blistered and have been having problems since then.


It sounds as if something is not right with your shoes Mat. If you can you should pop in to a decent running shop and ask them their advice. In my experience they're usually happy to give advice without you buying anything!

But regardless of your blisters, well done on the runs and times!


Thanks Irishprincess thats a good idea. I will try and get there tomorrow as MrsMat30 and I are off to see MissMat30 in sunny Chichester today where she is at University.

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