My Running Week

Hi all,

My running week started with a shocker. I have been running 10ks regularly on a Monday now since before Christmas and never really had any gremlins come into my head. Monday they all came at once and shockingly (for me) I walked for about 50 metres before I told myself off and then carried on. Although my time wasn't too bad 1hr 2mins I was really disappointed that I let them get to me. Note to self: tell the gremlins to... go away!!! I didn't run intervals Wednesday as my Brick session for my triathlon training is now a 26km ride and 20 minute run so did that on Thursday and although the first km after getting off the bike is hard I make sure I start off slowly and then build it up as best I can. I ran intervals this morning which went ok, and so on to next week.

I hope that you are all well and enjoying the bit of sunshine that we have had this week. Stay injury/sick free and happy running!

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  • I feel worn out reading that, well done :)

  • Can happen to any of us, just going along nice and steady and then start wondering why we run, wouldn't it be better to walk or remember that person warning us "running is bad for your knees"! Just getting our head together and going again is the best thing for it, we are runners and nothing gonna stop us LOL!!

  • It's just one of those things, Mat - well done for carrying on and finishing in a great time. And wow for the triathlon training. When is it?

  • Sprint Triathlon is on 5th June!

  • Just blip along the way Mat30 ,it happens , still a good week though, 26km on a bike then run , hope you have a comfy saddle !

  • I do Slow_Rob which is good as I now own a triathlon suit which has less padding around the bottom area than my cycling shorts!

  • Rather you than me :)

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