My Running Week

Hello you lovely people, I hope that you are all well?

My running week went like this. Monday I decided that I would increase my distance so ran for 11.86km in 1hr.13. I deliberately ran at an easy pace which turned out to be about 6.14km and so had a bit of planned route out in my head and that went well. I was pleased with the increase in distance, I am trying to improve my running so that my time in my triathlon will improve so I am going for a bit of endurance at the moment and then will try and build in some speed a bit later on. Wednesday I went back to intervals and considering I haven't run any of those for a couple of weeks it actually felt ok. This morning was a nice 5k in the early morning sunshine and again it wasn't a tempo run because I read an interesting article this week that said about ensuring that you do an 80/20 split of easy/tempo runs for triathlon training. So that is what I am going to try and do. Next triathlon if MrsMat30 agrees will be on 14th August in lovely Edenbridge.

I hope that you all stay injury/sick free and keep on running!

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  • Happy triathlon training... Sounds like you are doing fab 😎

  • Thanks ju-ju-

  • Yikes that's fast Mat! I hope you've got the pressie for Mrs Mat30 picked out already!

  • Well actually Irishprincess its the day after my birthday but I am sure a box of choccies can find their way to MrsMat30 ;-)

  • As long as she's not on a diet 😏

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