My Running Week

Hello to all of you lovely people that take the time to read my posts.

This week was not too bad with a nice run on Monday. Not my normal 10k just 6.5ks (just trying not to blister my feet again) so taking it nice and steady in the run up to Christmas. It felt nice to run a slightly longer distance and the major upside was no blisters at the end of it. Wednesday was intervals on a treadmill, and although I have been careful on those again, no lasting problems and again it felt good to push it a little. Todays 5k was run at a deliberately slow pace just under 30 minutes for the run, so I am just trying to continue running and ticking over rather than hit it too hard and then have a prolonged lay off again. My only minor niggle is my Achilles, it is stiff to start with but over time it loosens off and is ok to run on but is sore for a day or so after.

I hope that you are well and not on the IC? Keep on running!!

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  • That's good news that you're not getting any more blisters Mat. Sounds like a good week. Have you got a foam roller for your Achilles?

  • Were you on the treadmill today?

    It was gorgeous out! Pleasure to be out

  • I run on the treadmill on a Wednesday only, the rest of the time I run in the big wide world.

  • Yes I use a foam roller when I am at the gym 3 times a week.

  • Maybe try using it every day and see if that helps.

  • Sorry about your Achilles, have you tried eccentric heel drops? They really worked for me...

  • I think it is just a tweak. I do 4 sets of calf raises a week as well so I don't think it is a weakness issue.

  • Hi mat,

    I get a touch of plantar pain in the heel when I get up which goes away as the morning goes on, and think it gives me gip in the ball of the foot, but luckily neither give me problem running, thinks it's down to a tight achilles which I keep gently stretching..😊

  • I am good at stretching so I am always making sure I do that.

  • Think will all get these niggles! Just have to go through them!

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