My running week

Hello lovely people,

I hope that you are all well and taking in the little bit of sunshine that we have been having this week.

My running week/triathlon training has been going really well, Mondays 10k was in a reasonable time of 1hr 3mins and although for some of you who read my weekly notes will remember that I said I had hoped for a sub 1hr 10k by the end of May I had already hit that earlier in the month so felt as though I didn't need to push it too much. Thursday was a brick session with an hour on the bike and a 5k run. Completed that in 1hr 31mins which was 90 seconds faster than the previous week. Most of that came on the bike but I felt better on the run so pushed the last 2kms and actually finished with what could loosely be called a sprint finish (at least it felt that way to my little legs). Then this mornings run started off in my head as a nice slow run, the memo didn't quite reach my legs and ended up running a personal best 27.51 which is a full 29 seconds faster than my previous PB. Talk about peaking at the right time. I couldn't believe my split times for today my last km was in 4.44, that's my best ever time!

My triathlon is next Sunday (5th June) so this week is what's known as a taper week with only a couple of runs a gentle swim session and a bike ride just to keep the system going and hopefully I should be rearing to go on the day. The one down side to this week is somehow I have managed to get a couple of really sore blisters on the soles of my feet right near the balls of my feet. I have been wearing some compeed blister kits and they do alleviate the soreness somewhat but any good ideas to get my feet in shape by Sunday would be most appreciated.

I hope that you all have a good week of running, stay well and injury free!

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  • Blimey Mat there are some fab reductions there! 29 seconds off is massive! A big well done to you.

    Regarding your feet, I have read that not "pampering" feet hardens the skin, don't use creams, etc. Years ago dancers used to put alcohol on their feet to harden the skin but I don't think that's recommended now (you could do some research) and imo it's a tragic waste of alcohol 😊

    Enjoy your taper week.

  • Thanks for the input Irishprincess as for the alcohol part if MrsMat30 watched me put alcohol on my feet she would not be impressed. According to her its there for drinking only LOL

  • A wise wife Mat 😊

  • Super speedy last km there, well done!

  • Woah that split is super speedy Mat30 enjoy the taper week, try to relax and wishing you every success for the race 😊

  • Thanks Slow_Rob

  • Fantastic Mat , you've certainly put the work in !

    Good Luck for next Sunday, I am sure you will do brilliantly and looking forward to reading the report :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug as long as I run over the finish line and not crawl I will be happy.

  • You will shine Mat30 , of that, I have no doubt ! :-) xxx

  • Well done on the PB that's fantastic, good luck for the 5th and I hope the blisters heal up ASAP 😎

  • Thanks ju-ju-

  • All the best for next week, Mat.

  • Thanks Dunder2004

  • Some years ago I walked the west highland way and got awful blisters. Sudocrem was brilliant, very soothing and gently antiseptic, it heals brilliantly.

  • Thanks Getupandgo I will try that.

  • Getupandgo it worked I used sudocream every night and now I have a nice piece of supple, unbroken skin where my blister was, no soreness and no infection. Thanks so much for that advice!

  • I'm really glad and wish you all the best for today πŸ˜„

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