My Running Week

Hello everyone all I hope that you are all well?

My running week is falling into a pattern now. Mondays run was 14.2km in 1:26.58 which was a slight improvement on the previous week, not that I was trying to improve, the only down side is my feet get so sore. At 7km which is my halfway turnaround point my feet are sore and then its more about pushing on with sore feet than anything else. I am a creature of habit in terms of my running kit, I make sure I wear the same items as I know they are ok and don't rub, but I keep getting a blood blister on the inside of the ball of my right foot! I then give it a rest until Thursdays brick session and then it seems to be not too painful when I run.

Still besides that minor irritation Thursdays brick session went really well. 26km on the bike in 58 minutes and then a 5k run a fraction over 30 minutes which is most encouraging for me. My splits for that run were 6.35, 6.03, 6.07, 6.01, 5.26. What I am really pleased about it the increase in pace for the last km as that's where I struggled on my last Triathlon. The first k is always slow because of the transition from bike to run and I know there will be people out there than can do it quicker but I am still a novice in real terms but I am trying my best to improve it.

This mornings run was a recovery run, well at least it was supposed to be. I set off thinking "oh well a nice little slow pace 5k will be fine for today", however there sometimes seems to be a disconnect between my brain thinking that and the memo getting to my legs. So after a nice 1st km of 6.09 the splits went like this; 5.46, 5.44, 5.22, 5.15 so my average pace for today was 5.42km. Very happy indeed. I have a rest week next week so a cut back on total km's and a bit of recovery and then back to it the week after. I was surprised when my runkeeper app told me that I am now running 25km per week, the down side of that is when I increase by 10% I have to run another 2.5km extra!!! My poor feet!

Anyway I hope that you all have a good week and enjoy your running. Stay sick/injury free and keep on running!

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  • Well done Mat, another very productive week for you and those splits are excellent !

    Sorry to hear about your poor feet ! I remember you saying that your feet are naturally very soft, I wonder if theres something you could rub on the soles to harden them up a bit ? Hope you get sorted , must be very uncomfortable having a blood blister :-(

    Great post , and I hope you have a restful week :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug I hope they harden up a bit as well would make life much easier and less sore!

  • I agree with poppypug Mat about your soft feet. You need a layer of hard skin on them (sorry if you're eating atm) as a layer of protection. The only thing that seems to do this for me is wearing high heels but I'm not sure Mrs Mat would like you to do this 😉

    A fab week again for you, apart from your poor feet ☹️

  • Rubbing surgical spirit ( from the chemists ) is supposed to work. Hubby used to use it when he was in the Army xxx

  • Yep Irishprincess i don't think I will go for that option 😊

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