Bridge to 10K

Teenbopper managed W1D1!!

Last time my daughter snuck out early for her run to avoid me as she has always hated me to see her fail at anything. She didn't manage all the running but today we did it together and she did a great job. Her problem like for a lot of newbies was pacing, she speeds up within the running block. Anyhow she was happy after completing the run and we had a good natter and slagged off the music in the walking breaks so it was quite good fun. She said she'd enjoyed it a lot more than her first run so I am really happy we managed to run together.

We also have a virtual running buddy in OldPossum's 77 year old (!) mum. So we'll be keeping tags on her. She'll be a run ahead of us now but it will be good seeing her progress through the weeks with us. Please Possum recommend a weekly bath with Epsom salts if you have not already done so. Love the stuff! Good luck to all newbies out there!

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I did Week One Run One yesterday and it's nice to come on here and read about people who I can sort of be doing it with, like your daughter.

I have four offspring (aged 21, 19, 17 and nearly-16) so I must keep nagging until I get one of them to give in and do it! They're quite proud of me though which is nice. :)

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It took a long time for my daughter to get out and join me but she was proud of her mum. Aren't you already a seasoned runner Anne, I didn't think you were a newbie but I have posted this in C2 10K by mistake! I think you must be doing the bridge to 10k.


I am - well semiseasoned anyway. Bridge to 10k it is.


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