Managed a cheeky 10k!

Managed a cheeky 10k!

I have been battling a bug and it had gone but it decided to try and visit me again today. Went out though, determined to get moving! Maybe a 5k but see how it goes. When I got out, felt OK and nice and steady so I kept going, found some new grassy areas and ran along the river bank. Not too muddy either. Nice and steady 10k, not fast - 7.3 mins per kg, not too bad for an old gel! Got home and feel chilled to the bone and my tummy is dodgy but I did it, feel pretty happy I have my long run under my belt and the weekend hasn't even started!

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  • Yay! That was the only way I managed my 10k too, just felt like keeping on going while out already. In awe that you have a regular long run these days - and from sound of it some great routes too :)

  • I do 2 X 5k and one long run a week! Still find 5k a pretty good challenge still, it is a good distance and as it takes less time, fits easily into even a busy day. I trick myself into going further, just 30 minutes, keep going to 5k, how about 6, maybe a 7, might as well do 10 now!!

  • Julie, 10 k just like that, after being ill - I am amazed and in awe. Well done. Are you working up to a half marathon? I would love to run 10 k in a decent time as well, but it's something to aim for!

  • Well done, Julie๐Ÿ™‚! Another one banked! Don't think I would have managed that with a bug๐Ÿ˜ฎ, you are doing really well.

  • Thanks, at the moment of running, I felt OK, just felt it when I got home! Only managed a Monday 5k, didn't run on Wednesday due to the bug and I just went and plodded through it, actually felt OK on the run, it was pretty uneven grass mostly. Pretty surprised I got that far but once you are 5k from home, the choice is walk or run home LOL. How r u doing? Julie

  • All good thanks! 2 runs during the week, both just under 6k. Am due a long run at the w/e (Sunday) but have a cold at the moment, so will see how I feel as to how far I go! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Joolie,Did you flake out when you took this? lol, you did well! Hope you get well soon!

  • Thanks Dave, I only felt flaky when I got home. So thankful as a 52 year old that I can run, my health and confidence are so improved and I feel like I grabbed life by the scruff of the neck and shook it. No amount of advice - "running is bad for your knees" or "how about bowling" will do it, I am hooked!!

  • I haven't had that one yet "how about bowling?" No comparison with running really! But the knees are constantly mentioned. In fact my knees feel better when I run.

  • Joolie, I meant did you flake out because you were feeling crook not because of your age, I'm older than you and I can do it to,lol

    How about bowling? Has that been suggested bad for the knees then? That's a first for me, I'm pretty good at ten pin bowling, and it's not done my knees any harm..๐Ÿ˜Š

  • People are horrified that I started running at 52, they suggest anything rather than running as a better way to live! I am pretty surprised myself that I love running, my legs feel strong and I have amazing adventures running all over the place. Loving my own company and the sense of achievement

  • This is amazing... Sounds wonderful... what a run.

    I shall keep plodding...and maybe plod, eventually, my way to 10K

    Brilliant!!!!! :)

  • I just let my distance creep up when I was already enjoying a run, your body will let u know when the time is right!

  • Mine crept a bit this morning..only to 5.62K...but it felt fine.. not sure how it feels no though :)

    Thanks x

  • Great! Anything more than what we did before is brilliant, it's all a victory of the mind!!

  • Wow! So impressed that you did this when you've been feeling poorly! What are you going to be like when you are back on top form? Great run :)

  • Sounds like you're on the mend. When the weather is better, you feel like staying out longer too.

  • Well done :)

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