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App failure, but still managed my 1st 10k!


I ran my 1st 10k this morning. I still can't quite believe it as I only started running last year, after several failed attempts, and managed my 1st 5k on my 62nd birthday.

I tried a new route (tacking 2 together really) and whilst I struggled with the last 1.5k, I persevered and did it. Only to find that Map my run had not saved the data grr!

I'm painfully slow, but I don't mind that, it's the achievement that counts. Whilst out, another runner breezed past me, leaving me for dead. In the past that's had a big negative impact, but today i was determined.

To quote Eddie Izzard, who knows a thing or to about distance running, it's 90% about mental strength, and the last 10% is in your head!

happy running everyone xx

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Absolutely fantastic effort. 🏃‍♀️👍🎉 Totally ignore speed, unless you are an Olympian it's not important. What a buzz. Sorry map my run didn't work for you but I'm sure you will have plenty more opportunities to run that 10k. Happy running 🤗

That’s absolutely amazing. I’m along long way off from running 10k. You are my inspiration to keep trying.

Can I ask if you plan a route for the whole distance or do you do the 5k route twice?

SusiepaulGraduate10 in reply to Elsiebea73

Thank you Elsiebea73, imagine me being an inspiration!

I put 2 more or less 5k routes together, as I'm rubbish at laps. I really don't know why but I find them very demotivating.

I'm proof that you just have to believe, and keep at it. I think the key is not to overthink it.


That’s a fantastic achievement, well done! Tech letting you down is v annoying but you know you’ve done it 🙌🏻👏🏻


Congratulations on your 10k it's an amazing achievement. I've finally learnt that pace doesn't matter (to me anyway) it's all about getting the run done and enjoying it. Well done you 🥳🥳🥳🥳

Go here and get your Graduate10 badge


Done, thanks so much Buddy34


Fantastic! Well done on 10k! Great achievement! That distance is still in my dreams but someday.... 🥳🥳


Well done on your first 10k SP! Revel in your achievement !👍🎉😀


Well done superb effort, completion is the most satisfying reward👏👍🎉


That first 10k is so special! Well done!

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