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Inspired by Jan-now-runs and lacking a bit of structure recently I finally ran to Samantha's dulcet American tones today. It took me ages to work out how to access the podcasts but someone posted a link here recently and I managed to vaguely work out how to use my Dropbox account and the weekend saw me downloading all the podcasts. It was fun to have someone telling me what to do again and forcing me to push myself. I've been getting lazy recently and tend to do just a 4K run during the week, sometimes I need a kick up the "proverbial" to get out of my rut and it was clear that 40 minutes running would mean more than 4K. So I was quite excited!

I spent most of the time trying to identify the music, some of the voices sounded very familiar (was that Pink, Avril Lavine, The Cranberries?) but it wasn't Phil Collins singing the only song I knew so it was all a bit perplexing! Much better than Laura though! And I had to redesign my running route on the hoof, nipping down one side street and back up another in order to extend the distance. The last few minutes were a challenge to say the least. I felt as if I was back on the c25k programme again! But the music kept my pace up and ensured that I did the whole 40 mins. Just over 7 mins/km which is good for me at the moment. I even managed a sprint at the end to catch up with my son who was heading off to work - he nearly died of shock when his red-faced, very sweaty Mum suddenly overtook him and leapt out in front of him. Good to keep your kids on their toes!

The question is, do I use Samantha all the time now (as with Laura) until I reach 10k or should I just use her once a week to keep a bit of variety?

Choices, choices! Happy running everybody!

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  • Hi Jaysee,

    Im glad you had a fun, but challenging run today... I got my hubby to do all the IT downloading stuff as thats his thing.

    Yes, I liked the music too. Definately the Cranberries 'just my imagination'.

    Will wait to hear what you decide to do. I will stick with this now as I need to 'learn to run for longer'.

    The walk breaks are very welcome in this hot weather though eh..😊x

  • I can run for longer and have tried to do longer runs every weekend. Sometimes with, sometimes without walking breaks. I think I'll still want to do at least one longer run and an interval run (like "Speed") every week, so Samantha is probably only going to be once or twice a week.

    There, now I've decided!

  • Nice one. I've just downloaded those too & itching to try them. Whats the structure of the first one? In fact no don't tell me I'll be surprised. 😆

  • Ja, wer die Wahl hat.. where did you find the dulcet toned Samantha. Might download the podcasts if it is not too complicated (i.e. get my teenager to do it). Would be nice to have something different to listen to for guided running. Is it running intervals?

  • I'll look it out for you this evening. Someone posted them again on this forum (it was in a response though and I can't find them now - I've got them tagged on my tablet though because I haven't finished downloading them all)

  • That would be great, thanks if you have the time.

  • Hi Boptiliyoudrop..

    If yoy still haven't found the link to the Sammi Murphy bridge 2 10k podcasts.

    Click on my name then look down the threads for "Breakthrough Goodbye Laura, hello Samantha"🎶 Poppy pug has reposted the link to the dropbox on here. (She found it for me. It was from Dave_links origionally)

    Its five weeks. Its intervals and fun music. With walk breaks.

    Hope you enjoy it.😊

  • Thanks so much. Have downloaded from the dropbox now. Am liking the sound of fun music, redoing C25K with teenybopper it has come home to me just how awful that music is . Gawd.

  • Ha, found them again on the marathon forum. In a post from Miss Wobble 7 days ago called "running my little legs off". In the last response she posts a link which takes you way back into the dim distant past where a year ago somebody was kind enough to put all these podcasts in a Dropbox. I managed to fish them out of there.

    Can't copy the link on my phone though.

  • I always go out with Sami, even though I graduated ages ago. I just like the music and find it inspires me when I need livening up, or slows me down likewise. I have done a track listing from my own researches. What's the track you think is Phil Collins? I don't know what the instrumental bits are though. One of them sounds a bit Tchaikovsky doesn't it. Even the warm down music is great! I love you til the end! I love that one. It's The Pogues by the way

    For a bit of variety you ought to be doing the Stepping Stones podcasts now. All three of them in any order. They are still with good old Laura so you'll be in good hands.

  • Oh and the Phil Collins song is "Land of confusion". But it's definitely not him singing it! I'm crap at identifying music though!

  • I do the c25k+ podcasts regularly. My standard is 'Speed' for interval training. I tend to do that most weeks - or for a bit of variety I do the first week of c25k using the running bits for fast running and the walking bits for the slower jog. In some ways it's harder than "Speed" because there's 8 minutes of fast running and not 6.

    So there are a lot of options!

  • I don't recognise that one from the Sami podcasts? Oooer

  • Pretty sure it's on the first week. May also have been dreaming as I staggered round at 6am! Will keep an ear open on the next run, after all I have to do it at least twice more!

  • Ah that could be why I don't have it. On my version the podcast cuts off abruptly! It's really quiet so you can hardly hear what Sami says and then it cuts off part way through. I just ignored it and it was all fine from week 2. You're in for a treat. Happy running!

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