W2R2 on bridge to 10k - done

I didn't run yesterday although it was a running day. I was just too tired after my day in the Alps. Still a bit stiff today, but not enough to be a REAL excuse. It's bucketing down here, proper, wet, non-stop rain. But I've always liked running in the rain and the only thing I was worried about was being cold if I had to stop. ("Well, you'll just have to run the whole way, won't you" said the stern voice in my head). So with Sami in my ear I set off. I was cold during the warm-up walk, but after about 2 minutes of running I had warmed up and was glad I had no jacket to lug around with me.

The run is 3 x 15mins with 1min of walking between the runs, so 47 mins in total. The gremlins were with me all the way, although I knew they wouldn't win. But I reckon they might have done if I hadn't been doing this programme. I kept telling myself if I stopped or didn't do the whole distance I would have to do it again. The walking breaks were very welcome and I hated the last 6 minutes. I hated the last 5 minutes. I hated the last 4 minutes. I was almost counting the seconds, counting my steps, willing the time to be over. And then it was over. Under 7 mins /km which is fast for me, so quite pleased. No negative splits this time. Didn't feel I was flying. But I am enjoying doing a programme again - somehow it helps me stay focused and makes me push myself that little bit further. I know I can do the next run and I know I can do week 3. No idea what comes after that!

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  • Every single run we do is making us stronger and building runner's legs. I think about this a lot when I'm struggling on a run and find it helps.

    That sounds a great run despite you hating the last six minutes 😏 and a great pace too.

  • Good idea - might pinch that mantra!

  • Good on you!!! ☺☺☺

  • Go you sweetie x Onward and upward.

    I cried off my run on Friday... rain stopped play. I was a tad out of sorts and figured that Sunday would be a better day!

    I am determined to crack the 10K.. still stuck around the 9 K mark...but..it will come :)

    You, on the other hand are, as ever, doing brilliantly! :)

  • Thank you very much! I do hope this programme will get a bit of mileage into my legs and make me a bit stronger, and preferably faster! Left on my own I tend to drift back to shorter runs, especially as the weekends have just been too hot here, for me anyway. That seems to have stopped now though. Non-stop rain for 48 hours.

  • Good on you jsee.. hat off for getting on with it!!! I chickened out yesterday and went for a swim instead.. but Tuesday is a definite! Won't get done unless I do it will it :)

    Sounds like you crushed those gremlins.. powered through.. sheer grit and determination.. well done.. !!!

    Gosh nearly on week 3 .. Good work.. :)

    Thanks for the post.. inspires me to go get it done x

  • Just go for it - we know we can do it! It's just persuading our bodies to actually do it!

  • I have a lightweight running jacket from Aldi, cheap as chips, which I just tie round my waist and pop back on after then run so I don't get cold.

    I do Sami podcasts all the time. Took em with me yesterday for my 22k er. The song lyrics inspire me to keep going.

    Weeks four and five ! LOL

    Keep going Jaysee. You can do it! With a little help from Beyonce, Pink, Kelly, Britney, Shakira and co.

  • I got stuck on week 7 Floss. Like a crack in a record! Bah. Drives you mad but makes you more determined to leap the chasm that exists (in your head) between the weeks

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