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Well at the least the run was ok

Plan A: be home from work by 4:30. Take dog for walk (he can't run with me, due to his weak back leg). Do 4K run for B up 2 10k. Have dinner & relax

What really happened.

In work till 4:50. Rush home take "the boy" out, & try to decide whether to go for a run in the dark then, or eat & go out at 8:30. While deciding sent a few work emails. Suddenly it was 6:30. Go? Don't go?

Decided to go, sent message to DH (who is abroad just now) "heading out for a run, I'll be home by 19:15 our time"

Got changed, put trainers on, clipped on headphones - but just felt something wasn't right. Ah! I'd forgotten to change into my shock absorber. 2 secs thinking & knew I had to change. Shoes back off & upstairs for the essential piece of kit,

Decided to include "speed" podcast, but had to keep putting it back to the beginning, as I just took longer to get out and Then finally I was ready to start my 5 min warm up. MMR loaded up & started, it cut Speed out😖 Stopped & restarted both. Got it sorted & out the door.

Right? Left? Playing fields?

Went left & on my way. Music stopped! Pressed headphone button again, 2 secs later died again. My cordless headphones which are meant to have 5 hours charge in them, had died after 2.

Back to the house, change my headphones & start again. Decided to go right this time

Restarted MMR & Laura. Laura had nothing to say to me, no music nothing. Never mind I would just do it as HIT. I could just count that out. I would walk .5k, jog .5k & then do 3 HIT cycles & jog the rest.

Except MMR decided not to talk to me either, so I had no clue of distance

I gave up on the technology, selected some music & ran my HITS.

Turns out I ran 4.5k, I had switched off data roaming for podcasts - hence no Laura, but I've got no clue what happened MMR! (It recorded it all, just didn't give the kilometre alerts)

I think I'm challenging Razouski for the Queen of faff award this week, as all that took me an hour, with the actual run/walk bit less than 1/2 of it! (I did not make it home for 19:15! Good job DH didn't try to phone till 20:15!)

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Oh my, I think I will be handing my 👑 over to you.

I often find after too much faffing that MMRseems to play up. So now if I faff I switch the whole thing off and start afresh. I've downloaded the podcasts too so I'm not reliant on data roaming and a decent signal.

I've also been looking into perhaps getting some overshoes, those plastic elasticated things, so I don't have to take my 👟 off during my upstairs faffing. 🤣😂🤣 Amazon sell them but you have to buy several pairs.

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Good idea - shoe covers, would be a good solution.

My podcasts should be download - they show they are, but they will only start (sometimes!) if I've started them at home.


What a faff indeed! But you did it, brilliant. Download the podcasts, so much more reliant 🏃🏻‍♀️👍🏼😀

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I just checked & the really annoying thing is they are downloaded - but still want data😫 I'll need to perhaps do it a different way. Perhaps download to computer & save that way - does that work?


Oh my goodness, that is impressive! I am full of respect that you got out at all!


I'm a bit stubborn & realised I couldn't run tonight, know that after HITS or Intervals you need a day's rest & didn't want to miss Park run again, so to stay on schedule not going wasn't really an option!

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Ha.. Davoda good for you for still running after Plan A was scuppered then all those techno problems..

If its any consolation my Strava recordings play up quite often and I don't get the info I look forward to either. I have Laura on my mp3 (podcasts) but somehow the signal on my phone drops out on some runs on so disappointing not being able to scrutinize your run...😆 x

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I was able to scrutinise it afterwards, it just didn't give me the 1k audio ques throughout, which I like doing the B210k.

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I hate it when technology goes wrong, so frustrating!


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