How did I get subscribed to this forum?

I finished C25k back in September and was quite happy trying to improve my 5km time (pb 28:52). Was happy alternating fast runs, stamina and 5km runs, and quite enjoying the whole running thing. I said I definitely wasn't going to do 10 km. Not enough time in the morning, too much traveling for work, 5 km was enough etc. Then the fates conspired against me.

I noticed that I had this b210k forum listed above the c25k one. How did that happen? I avoided looking at it for several weeks and then a 65 year old friend completed his first half marathon only 2 years after taking up running. It was so motivational cheering him across the finish line. But no, I still wasn't going to go beyond 5 km, was I?

Then I started looking for something to make my stamina (35 mins) run a bit more interesting and beneficial to my 5 km time. That did it. Last weekend I searched for the relevant b210k podcasts, transferred them to my TomTom watch and this morning completed week 1, run 1 accompanied by the podcast woman with an American accent and 40+ mins or rock music (whoever she is, she's got better taste in music than Laura).

I am not going to do 10 km in 5 weeks, or however long it is. I'm going to take it easy, just do one of the runs once a week maybe, as my stamina run. I like the speed run so still want to do that once a week too, and 5 km when I'm not away. Then maybe by the end of the summer I'll be up to 10 km.

But whatever happens, I'm definitely not entering the local 10 km city race, in August... though it's only 3 km more than I did this morning...

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  • Yes, thats pretty much how i used the Sami Murphy programme and it worked for me.

    And yes, you will probably get on line anytime soon and register for that race, exactly as many of us have previously . Somehow it just seems to happen 🤔

    This running mullarky is just great isnt it!

  • Hmmmm, just completed entry form and paid my fee. How did that happen?

  • I knew it, not to be resisted! Enjoy!

  • I think I caught a similar virus ;)

  • Wo-ho you found Sami Murphy! She is a real kick-ass kinda gal. The hundreds of free tracks are fabbo (well most of them) They are specially chosen to pick you up when you most need it. Some will make you titter. Well, they do me! I love the Cheap Trick one "Surrender", and the slightly off-kilter Shakira one. Ha ha. Pink is having fun too, at the disco with her mates. Hours of running fun. I never leave home without her

    Good luck. Go kiss some ass!

  • Oooh, I like Pink. Looking forward to that one :-)

  • Love Cheap Trick! Didn't know anyone listened to them anymore :)

  • In my experience, increasing distance has a positive effect on 5k times, however you get there.

  • I don't know how these things happen either. Good luck with your new challenge.

  • Thanks ancientrunner, I do better when I've got a challenge and something to work towards.

  • Magic? :)

  • Nah! I tried that. But then again maybe I should have found a few more of my enemies for the human sacrifice part.....;)

  • John!!!! Naughty!

  • You are too kind!

    "Heinious" more like -and I do it so well to!! :)

  • "too"

    I cannot abide autocorrect :(

  • I won't ever catch the race virus...but I love being here..

    like you, I said I had no desire to run 10K... but here I am... Stamina and Speed runs wonderful! I used Sami Murphy and am currently working on an, 'improve my 10K time' plan :)

    You will love it here too.. and I can tell will go on, and on and on....:) There are some fantastic runners here, so you will be in great company!

  • Never say never Floss. Thats what Irish-John said about further than 5 miles, now he is talking marathon distance💪🏻. It just happens.

    I know you've looked at NT runs ............

  • I have....and am already signed up for the Virtual Run for Kidney Research, (your link:)) and now.. having read davelinks mention of a Virtual 10K in June... my ' improve my 10K' plan should be finished.. so..... it could be a good, 'see if I have' run??? Oh gosh!!!

  • There you go, already being tempted!

  • It just happens. Happened to me as well. Graduated last year in May and am now training for my second half marathon. I hope it is incurable 😄

  • It's a very strange phenomenon, but I'm pretty sure it's going to get me to half marathon distance. Pretty amazing!

  • Ha, ha -great post and comments by others :) the nicest bug we can ever catch!

  • As someone who rarely buys shoes my most recent purchases have been two pairs of running shoes and a pair of off-road walking boots. The phrase character transplant comes to mind. Enjoy definitely not training for any 10ks... or HMs... :)

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