My triathlon

My triathlon

I know this is the bridge to 10k but thought I would just post my triathlon report here.

Training had been a bit up and down but overall it went well. This was a slightly longer tri than the previous one with an extra 5k cycle. Times were good (for me), swim was 9.28, cycle was 59.14 and run was 33.11. Overall very happy, my overall time was 1:41:53. Now for those of you who have read my previous triathlon time of 1:36:58 even though my time was slower this was a longer tri. My run time this time was better so very satisfied with that. Now for some birthday cake that I couldn't have yesterday!

Stay injury/sick free and keep on running.

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  • Whoop whoop Mat! Looking good there. I've been watching the olympics and came on here and there you are, our very own triathlete! A massive well done to you. You've worked really hard for this and you've done brilliantly 👏

    What's next for you?

  • Hmmm what's next for me Irishprincess I want to improve my 10k times which I am hoping will improve my 5k triathlon run times. Secondly to improve my swimming and look to get some open water swimming under my belt for next year so that I can do some open water triathlons.

  • Brilliant Mat !

    What a result, Massive Congratulations to you :-)

    I agree with Irishprincess , youre our very own Olympic/ C25k triathlete !

    Happy Birthday for yesterday and have a big slice of cake, you deserve it xxx

  • Thanks poppypug I will!

  • Well done Matt! Really pleased that it went well for you! Hats off to you for taking on such a challenge! Rest up well, now!😀

  • Thanks Sandraj39 i will.

  • Congratulations mat !great result!😊😆

  • Oh that's fantastic, waving my pom poms like mad for you!

  • That's brilliant Mat30 - congratulations! Well done with the better running time especially :) Looking good in the photo as well. Happy birthday for yesterday and enjoy your belated cake!

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