My short and sweet running week

Hi all,

A really short post this week. I am on a rest week and have been taking it easy. No long run for me on Monday so I swam and went to the gym instead. Tuesday was a rest day, Wednesday I did my brick session but only for an hour so a 50 minute ride and a 10 minute run just to keep reminding the legs that they have some work to do. Gave blood Wednesday afternoon so even more of a reason to have a light week. Gym on Thursday a second rest day on Friday and a very gentle 5k this morning and gym session. All in all I felt as though I could do with a break, back to a slightly longer run on Monday but still not overdoing it as last time I gave blood I felt awful running the day after and it took a few days to recover. 4 weeks until my next triathlon!

Stay injury/sick free and keep on running!

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  • Mat your idea of a "rest week" is very different to mine! Blimey.

  • Ha ha Irishprincess well I look forward to the rest weeks, that for certain.

  • And mine...

  • Some weeks we need that and not long now till your next event... Is it going to be challenging??

  • Slightly more challenging because the ride is an extra 5k which is not lots but will mean my time won't be comparable to the last triathlon I did. I am aiming for a better run time than last time. Hopefully if I can get a 30 min 5k run I will be happy.

  • That's a " rest " week ? :-)

    Well done Mat, your preparation and training are always so impressive .

    Have a good week xxx

  • Thanks poppypug you too :-)

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