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Hi all,

My running week consisted of a decent 10k on Monday in 1hr 1min 33sec, as some of you may know those poor souls who have nothing better to do than to read my drivel, I am aiming for as close to a sub hour 10k by the end of May, well it seems that I am not far off.  I seem to have an issue with kilometre 5 and 6 where I slow down a bit but then seem to be able to pick the pace up again in km's 8 and 9.  The slowing down however does have an impact so if I can keep my pace going I don't think I will be that far from the goal.  Other than that Intervals went really well on Wednesday with my overall pace getting a bit faster.  That's where the good news ends.  Thursday I do a Brick session in preparation for my Triathlon and that was just awful.  The cycling was hard and the running was the worst run I have had since I started running, I couldn't get into a rhythm my calves hurt, my lungs were bursting and I was running slower than I ever have.  So in light of that I took todays run off, still visited the gym and have a long bike ride tomorrow.  So we will see if that helps.  I am very wary of not overtraining so I don't think a missed session will impact on my overall training. 

Until next week I hope that you all stay well and keep on running!

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  • You are very close to that sub 60 10k 😊you are right to be cautious of over training , some times less is more .

    Have to look after ourselves , i am sure you will crack it  probably when you least expect to 😊

  • Well done Matt - I too am seeking my first sub 1hr 10k. Would you believe I hit 1 hour exactly last week ( had actually eased up because I thought I just wouldn't make it! Never mind!). The triathlon training sounds tough - I agree that sometimes taking a few days off really freshens us up. Good luck.

  • Massive respect to you Matt , a triathlon is flippin' awesome !

    Well done and all the very best to you 

    Good Luck ! :-) xxx

  • I am really sorry if I have misled you, I am only doing a sprint triathlon 400m swim, 22k ride and 5k run.  But it will be my first

  • ONLY doing a sprint triathlon ??? , A triathlon is a triathlon in my book !

    You should be very proud of yourself Matt ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug I am very proud, although I didn't know it at the time when I decided I would lose weight (5 stone 10 pounds at the last weigh in) I would never have thought I would even be entertaining the idea of a triathlon let alone running, so even when I have a bad session as I did on Thursday I am still positive because I wouldn't have been able to do it before.  I am going to have the worlds biggest smile on the 5th June when I cross the line. 

  • Brilliant ! What a fantastic weight loss Mat !

    Well done xxx

  • Wow, that's absolutely amazing to be so close to an hour! I did 9k today in an hour and I was chuffed to bits with myself ;-) Don't overdo with your other training though. Best of luck!

  • I have also entered a sprint tri, yours? I am only just coming up to finishing c25k and am getting 5 k's done now . Not sure whether to increase distance to 10 k or to try and get a bit faster. My tri has a 6 km trail run which I would love to be able to do in 30 ish minutes which is currently my 5 k speed. I'm not trying to be competitive in it though, will be happy just to finish!

  • Hi heavyhorse my sprint tri is at Swanley in Kent on the 5th June.  The same for me in that I am not aiming to be competitive just to finish.  If you are looking to cover the 6k in your event at the speed of your 5k try intervals if you are not already running them.  Depending on how far away your tri is, if it quite a while away I would also look at increasing your distance as this will give you the endurance you will need.  All of this is in my own humble opinion which doesn't count for much lol.

  • thanks for the reply, I have 15 weeks until my tri, and am hoping to do my graduation run tomorrow but am slightly unsure how to proceed from there, I know I will stick to at least 3 runs per week , was thinking of adding 5- 10 minutes on per week for distance but haven't tried intervals or anything else yet. I do have some preset intervals on an app on my phone which I might try, would you do them on a non running day or as part of a maybe shorter than normal run? Will also look forward to you post tri posts for tips as yours is a bit before mine!

  • I run my interval as part of my running week, normally a Wednesday for me as it suits me.  I have been running them since I graduated the c25k and although they are hard work they do make a significant difference.  Just don't over do it especially in the week before your Tri, what gains you haven't made you will not make in that final week and should be a tapering off week for you so you don't start off exhausted. 

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