My Running week

Hi all,

A really short and sweet post this week. Monday's run was outstanding with a PB for 10k of 57.02, which is an enormous improvement on my last PB which was 59.20. I was so happy I almost broke into a little dance, however with just about being co-ordinated enough to put one foot in front of the other I quickly thought better of it and just relished the moment. Now, having run that quick (for me) I was a mess but feeling amazed that I could have run those times. I then didn't want to push my luck so didn't run again till this morning and still ran a good time for my 5k in 28.39. Back to 3 run sessions next week and some intervals, un-surprisingly I have not missed them at all, lets see how I feel about them as I run them at 0530 in the morning on Wednesday. I have spoken to MrsMat30 with regard to another triathlon in August when I have some time off from work and seeing as I am in a pretty good place now it would be a shame to waste it, at least that's what I am thinking.

Until next week please stay injury/sick free and keep on running!

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  • Great improvement Mat30 that's a huge chunk of time what ever you are doing is obviously working so well , keep at it well done

  • Thanks Slow_Rob I will indeed keep at it!

  • Blimey Mat you're just getting faster and faster! That's a huge improvement! What are you eating 'cause I want some!

  • It's amazing Irishprincess I am not eating anything special it just seems to be happening with a bit of mental discipline and it is funny because now I feel as though I am a proper runner and that I can work towards different goals.

  • You're definitely a proper runner Mat!

  • Brilliant... Your training is really paying off now... Well done 😎

  • Thanks ju-ju- :-)

  • Well done Mat , excellent job ! :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug :-)

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