My Running week

Hello to everyone, I hope that you are well?

My running week went well, Mondays run which is being slowly increased in distance totalled 14.2km in 1hr 28min. I am running this at an easy pace but found the increase in distance a tad hard. So for this coming Monday's run I will not increase the distance but run the same again, it is a fairly good route 7km out and back and my pacing was pretty consistent which is a plus for me. I did find however that my feet felt as though they were going to blister. I should point out here that I do have fairly soft feet (much to MrsMat30's amusement) and they will blister even when I think about new shoes let alone try to break in a pair. No intervals for me this week as I have entered my second triathlon which is on 14th August, so back to brick sessions on Thursdays for me. This Thursday and for the next 5 weeks is a 1h 30min session which is 1hr ride and then a 30min run. I tried to make sure there was an increase in pace in the last km of my run as I found I was struggling a bit in my triathlon from June so that's the plan, to push the last km this week, then next Thursday I will try and push a bit from the last 1.5km and slowly build that up. I should point out that by pushing I am not going particularly fast but just trying to inject a little bit more cadence into my run.

This mornings run was almost a recovery run from Thursday so went out with an easy pace in mind but just ran without too much thought on times. So although I only ran a fairly easy pace my splits were very encouraging of 6.24, 6.19, 5.51, 5.44, 5.28, which is a nice build up of pace throughout the run. If I can repeat that on my next triathlon I am going to be very happy.

Thanks for taking the time to read my post, and for all the positive comments you make, it still makes me push forward with the training when you get so much encouragement from this amazing forum, especially as I train alone for everything. Until next week, stay happy, healthy and injury free and keep on running!

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  • I find your posts humbling Mat30 ! Your slowest km is as fast as my fastest! But I love reading your posts - looks like a good training plan for your next triathlon.

  • Thanks JaySeeSkinny its taken a lot of effort in running and you will certainly get there in time. I have only been running for about 15 months or so and even now I can still remember the lack of fitness that I had when starting out on the c25k journey. So I am pleased with every run that I can see is pushing me forward. I will never be speedy like some people but what I lack in speed I make up in determination. Keep on pounding those streets!

  • Will do!

  • I love the fact you say you ran a "fairly easy pace" Mat when your pace was so speedy! You are so consistent and are obviously very determined and committed to your training, which I applaud. You're doing brilliantly. And I'd like to know what you use on your feet to make them so soft 🤔

    Have a great week.

  • Ha ha Irishprincess my feet are naturally soft which is a real nuisance.

  • Lucky you 😏

  • I do enjoy reading your posts Mat, and I really admire your spirit and attitude.

    You just get your head down and get on with it , and you are doing amazingly well.

    All the very best on your upcoming triathlon, I am sure you will excel in it . Youre certainly putting the work and effort in !

    Well done Mat and please keep posting, its always good to hear how your training is going , plus its great to support you along the way :-) xxx

  • Thanks poppypug your posts always bring a smile to my face as well. As long as I am not kicked off here I will continue boring you all with my posts!!

  • Aw youre not boring us at all Mat30 xxx

    You have undergone an amazing transformation to your health, weight and fitness through sheer hard work and determination and for that you should be really really proud of yourself !

    A true inspiration , Well done Mat xxx

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