My running week

A nice short post for those of you who subject yourselves to my ramblings!

A restful week after my successful triathlon, so not a lot of running, I ran with missmat30 as she is coming to the end of C25k so used that as a recovery run on Monday. Went to a couple of gym classes on Wednesday, something that I never get a chance to do normally and then ran a pb at park run on Saturday. I was very happy with that. My previous pb was 29.56 and I ran 28.22. That in my humble opinion is a smashing time!

Thanks for reading, I hope that you are all injury/sick free and keep on running.

7 Replies

  • Well done Mat ! Nice week for you after your sterling triathlon work !

    Very well deserved xxx

  • Thank you oh mighty poppypug i am honoured that you grace my post with your kind words😀

  • Ha ha Oh Mat ! :-D xxx

  • Well done on the PB Mat. Fab time 🙂

  • Thank you Irishprincess 👍🏻

  • That's a whopping amount of time to knock off your PB, Mat - well done!

  • I know Anniemurph i was surprised and it's a hilly run as well.

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