C25K+ Stamina... DONE! At last!

On my 10th attempt at the C25K+ Stamina podcast (the only one that had eluded me) I have finally completed it at the right cadence! I haven't tried it for some weeks so I thought I'd give it a go again. Really concentrated on the beat so I didn't go too quickly and just gritted my teeth (metaphorically) to push myself through.

I was both disappointed and relieved that the final "5 minute" section at 165BPM only came up as 4 minutes... but that's another of my 2016 goals to cross off my list!


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  • Great stuff! Well done 😊 I ran Speed yesterday. Crikey it's 30 minutes long 😀 I had forgotten 😊

    I love the 3 podcasts. Tricky but good ☺

  • Well done! I find it quite tricky to run at the right cadence, and have attracted some odd looks from passers-by as I run past shouting, 'One-two-three-four no, dammit, ONE-two-three-four, one-two oh damn wait wait ONE-two-three-four' etc. :D

  • Try sticking to the beat when your Bluetooth headphones keep cutting out!

  • Ha ha Annie :-D

    Yes ! I do EXACTLY the same :-) xxx

  • Well done Simon !

    I like all the podcasts , but the Speed one is definitely my favourite ! :-) xxx

  • Well done, knew you'd get there! That's an impressive distance too xx

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