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My Running Week

Hi all,

I hope that this posts finds you all well? My running week has been good. I started on Sunday which those of you who know my routine by now will know that's not the norm. I ran with MissMat30 on her week 5 run 3 just to give her some moral support. So a short 20 minute run on Sunday, swam Monday and the gym, cycled Tuesday, gym on Wednesday, brick session on Thursday which went quite well this week with 26k ride and a 5k run in 1hr 32mins, todays run was ok, felt a bit sluggish at the start but finished ok in a reasonable time. I am always in a bit of a quandary on a Saturday morning run, I don't want to go too hard as Thursdays session is quite hard, although Friday is a complete rest day, but then I start running and go by how I feel, some weeks I can push on and get a good time, other weeks it's just a case of getting round my route and not pushing too hard as there is nothing in my legs, having said that I am still happy with a sub 30min 5k on any given day although my pb is now at around the 27minute mark.

I still need to improve my running time after my run, but now only have 2 weeks until my next Triathlon so it wont improve much with only one weeks worth of full training before I taper for the event on the 14th. This one has come around very quickly for some reason. I am hoping to do a long run on Monday as it has been a few weeks since I went over 5k. Still overall I feel pretty ready so hopefully that will translate into an acceptable time. Of course the only person who I am trying to impress is me and I am my own worst critic.

Until next week I hope that you all have a good weeks worth of running and stay injury/sick free. Keep on running!

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Not long to go now, you are doing brilliantly, well done!!!

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That's an impressive training week, Mat! A question, though - what's a brick session?

Nice to run with MissMat30 on her 20 minute run as that can be a toughie - well done for giving moral support :)

Just one week before your taper week, eh? Great stuff!

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A brick session is a Bike then straight into a run, so its a case of jumping off the bike changing my shoes and off I go albeit pretty slowly LOL.


Well done Mat, another week done and dusted ! You are always so determined , you are doing brilliantly !

Lovely that you ran with your daughter too.

Good Luck with the rest of your training ! :-) xxx

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