My Running week

Hi All,

This weeks saw me back to normal training.  Mondays 10k went quite well with the exception of an earphone problem.  I cannot seem to get normal earbuds to stay in my ear so I have been wearing running earphones and a hat to keep them in place, I tried a pair without my hat and they just kept falling out after only 8 minutes of running.  Frustrated was the word of the day.  Still, ran a 10k on Monday, intervals on Wednesday I now have an additional run on Thursday after a cycling session (called a brick session) and a run this morning.  Felt pretty good all week and this mornings run was surprisingly fast (for me), so everything seems to be going along ok. 

Thanks for reading and stay healthy and happy running!

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  • Which running ear phones do you use Mat? 

  • That's a good question I don't have them with me at the moment as I am very busy at work ;-) I will check when I get home and let you know.

  • Thanks Mat 

  • They are a cheap JVC sports pair with hooks that sit in my ears but I still wear an thin elasticated skull cap to keep them in my ears.  I have weird shaped ears apparently.

  • I've seen some on amazon built into a headband, funky or what! 

  • I have some Tao electronics sports earphones which have adjustable earbuds & ear hooks, find them good...

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