My Running week

Hello all you lovely people, I hope that you are all well?

My running week has been a bit disjointed. Couldn't do my long run on Monday due to blisters so swam instead, I took my lovely daughter (who shall now be known as MissMat30) who is an outstanding swimmer, so its all I can do to try and keep up with her. So I swam intervals trying to keep up which is excellent for the heart rate with only small rests in between lengths. So 800 metres of front crawl intervals and then just about another 800 metres at a slightly more sedate pace. Gym session followed the swim. Tuesday a cycle to work and back, Wednesday a gym session and Thursday was a fairly hard Brick session of bike and run. An hours cycling covering 26k and then a 5k run. My legs felt like lead weights coming of the bike so my time was pretty awful, I don't even want to put it on here. Friday was a rest day and today I ran a fairly quick 5k although I thought I would try something different as I gave blood last week, and reading a running website this week it said it can take anything up to 3 weeks to get back to your times pre-donation. That was a bit of a surprise, so today I though ok no tech stuff, no pace times from my Runkeeper App as I didn't want to put myself under pressure (I can never seem to switch off the process in my head of calculating times and splits) so thought I would run by feel. So started off on a comfortable pace and didn't look or hear anything until I got home on my 5k route. Pleasantly surprised with what runkeeper told me of splits of 6.06, 5.53, 5.22, 5.27, 5.23.

I hope that you are all well and sick/injury free. Keep on running!

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  • Great week, sounds exhausting, well done :)

  • Mat, you need to post some time and tell us what you eat because whatever it is I want some 😊 An awesome week πŸ‘

  • Wow !

    Well done Mat , you are like one of those Duracell Bunnies , you just keep on going !

    Brilliant , a very productive week ! :-) xxx

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