Inching towards 10k

My aim is to run (maybe non-stop, maybe not) 10k in The Race for Life in July. I'm currently doing one longer run and two shorter ones a week to get into the habit of running a little longer. It's certainly challenging! I ran 6.7k at the weekend and I'll aim to stretch that to 7k this weekend. Slow and steady is definitely the aim of the game. Anyway, the biggest revelation was how, the day after a longer run, my legs really felt the pinch. However, after a swim and some gentle cross training, I'm feeling better. My first instinct was to avoid using my heavy, achy legs altogether yesterday! I'd become used to running 4 or 5 k and hadn't realised what a difference increasing by small distances could make! Still, onwards and upwards. Happy running.

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  • We all feel the effects of doing something that we are not used to, but as you get more miles back on the legs it becomes less noticeable.

  • Have you tried having an Epsom Salts bath, I swear by this. Buy the bath salts that come in a bag, I had to shop around as most chemists stock tiny little pots and charge a fortune for them, I've found a local chemist who sells them at £6.69 for 3kg bag, but I seem to recall someone got theirs from an equine pet shop!

  • Thanks! I picked a bag up yesterday for next time the legs are aching.

  • I love Epsom Salts... could do with one right now... fell off my cycle this afternoon..but as I am in the tin bath!

  • Oh dear! Hope you are ok...

  • Slightly battered, bruised and scraped!!

    I think the phrase is ,"Bloody, but unbowed..." you know me :)

  • You need an old fashioned tin bath to take with you in the tin tent! They have some on ebay!! You may get some odd looks from passers by.

  • What a good idea! Or a blow up paddle pool! It would give folks stuff to talk about :)

  • OK the paddling pool would be more convenient, but the image is not quite the same!

  • Okay... tin bath it is!!! :)

  • My aim is also to run 10k but not for this July and maybe not next July either! I was interested to read your post about how your legs were responding and I will bear that in mind when I start that challenge (gulp).

  • It is definitely a case of getting the km's in and on your legs, it certainly helps as you progress and build distance.

    Anything that helps afterwards is worth doing ☺

  • So good! Well done you!

    It is amazing how it all theses little challenges in distance, speed and time, make so much difference to us. I definitely find that the exercises, and exercise of different kinds on rest days really helps!

    Onwards and upwards? :)

  • I really like that feeling in my legs the day after a slightly longer or more challenging run. I take as my body telling me I've pushed it a bit and that's good for it. It makes me feel a little bit smug to be aching from actually having done something rather than just aching which used to be the case!

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