mixed doggie run!

mixed doggie run!

Monday has become my "long run day" but it used to be my worst 5k day, strange but a nice steady longer run seems more enjoyable to start the week!  Stopped to stroke some cute pooches (any excuse to rest and recover) including a very lovely Bassett Hound!  Then as I was on the way back after running through the woods into a long field two men with two large dogs appeared.  One of them, a Dalmatian, was charging up to me showing its teeth and snarling, trying to chase after me - it was definitely not smiling.  I asked the man to call it back as I did not think it was being friendly. Dog took no notice of him at all but he reassuringly shouted "don't worry, it's friendly".  Not my idea of friendly so I ran on as it was distracted by its owner.  A month ago, I've already encountered a Staffie who thought charging at me and leaping in the air was a game to play with a runner, bashed me on the leg and gave me a huge bruise on the knee 😩!  That was just an out of control hyper friendly dog.

I do love dogs but maybe the out of control "friendly" ones need to be kept on a lead!  Smiling Labradors, bouncing Bassets, jolly Jack Russels, softie Shelties, dopey Dobermans, canny Cairns, chilled out Collies are all very welcome to come and say hello to me though.

Managed a cross country 12 km so happy that it was long and nice steady pace to avoid tree roots and called twigs and uneven grassy tracks.


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  • Scary... I am very uncertain of leaping dogs.... have not met any yet... Your run sounds wonderful.. I am hoping to make 7K tomorrow.. which may be my longest distance so far on this journey! Bit scared.. :)

    You are doing amazingly...I am quite envious.. :)

  • I'm just a plodder and keep going on and on, nothing too fast,molten up and down hills, in and out of the woods, I just kept adding bit by bit to my once a week long run!

  • Joolie, yes, watch those tree roots! I wonder why I hadn't seen or of a running friend lately, and while out on a c25k run with my wife this morning, said friend was running the other way, she told me she had been out running at night and had tripped over a tree root while running down hill, and whacked her face & mouth as she went down. She doesn't look too bad now just some slight swelling left, and back out running again, I asked her if she wore a head torch for the dark running, no was the answer, maybe she will buy one now! Could do without those bangs! So beware!😊

  • I a,ways run without my varifocals glasses but I concentrate hard and watch the ground so far so good.  Makes running more of a challenge avoiding the trip hazards.  Would be very frightening to have a serious fall though and it would knock my confidence, so I will be extra vigilant, thanks.  Julie

  • Ouch!

  • A nice run JoolieB1 barring the excitable dog, often the friendly ones that bite back .. 

  • Scary isn't it that people let their dogs run up to strangers and the dog doesn't respond to commands yet they are loose, I asked a man to call his dog away from me as it crept towards me, a huskie, and he said it is a friendly dog, can't u see that?  No I can't, I am scared of big dogs and have never met a huskie

  • Very scary , luckily so far the snarling snappy ones I have encountered have been on the lead,

    I love animals but stil wary of some dogs and even cats, they can rip your skin to shreds in an instant ! 

    Some animal owners need to be more considerate of other people 

  • I have 3 husky's at my local parkrun, they are the photographers and someone else's dogs, very well behaved, lovely, they leave them tethered to strong metal fencing while they run & take photos, sometimes one will go round with him, they are no problem, but when you're out running you don't know that they're ok, when they come bounding up! So they should be controlled more by the owners..

    I was bitten badly on the hand when I was a boy trying to stroke a stray dog, so am wary, I do understand..

  • I am a dog lover too, would stop anytime to say hello to a dog but never stroke a dog unless I'm sure it's friendly or without asking the owner

  • I was out with the borrowed basset this morning and we did a leisurely 5k.  I took a photo, so I'll post it up

    12k on the trail is really very good! ☺ You have to concentrate very hard, and try and keep your eyes everywhere to avoid hazards so it's more tiring than road running,  good though ☺

    The time gets chewed up so much quicker, as does the distance, even though you generally go slower because of the trip hazards

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