Holiday running diary - Run 1

Holiday running diary - Run 1

After a long, busy summer season it is time for a little holiday πŸ˜€ visiting family down in Exmoor. So we set off early for the three hour journey to the airport to drop off hubby - a BIG mountain in Russia beckons! After that drive both Squiggs and me needed to stretch our legs! A short drive takes us to a forest just outside Inverness. Shoes on, Canicross belt on, dog's harness on, bungee lead on, Runkeeper on (but muted)......and off we went! Beautiful day, sun out but a little cooling breeze it felt good to run, nice and steady, no time pressure or jobs to be done. We started on a wide, straight track but soon explored other tracks some little steeper parts and some with roots and stones to watch out for. Most of the time doggie was running off lead and we saw lots of other dogs out for their morning stroll ......we just trotted on by (with a smile and nod of course). It is such fun exploring new places and the distance was clocking up (unbeknown to me because my phone was turned down). Eventually we were nearly back at the car so I checked my phone -nearly 8k! So we ran past the car down yet another track and looped around returning to the car - 8k, I couldn't believe it. It is four months since I ran over 5l! And I loved it πŸ˜„ After the run another four and a half hour drive to Carlisle! Tomorrow a run by a canal hopefully....

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  • Sounds lovely Sue! True running tourism. Have a great journey and holiday, I look forward to hearing about all your varied runs! πŸ˜„

  • Thank you! Next instalment is a canal run 😊

  • Looks lovely!have a great holiday!😊

  • Looking forward to spending a relaxing time with family.

  • Well done on your - sounds fantastic! Happy holidays!☺

  • Yes, it was really fun, thank you - really needed this holiday 😊

  • Bet that was gorgeous πŸ€— Enjoy your holiday.

  • Great stuff! Great way to travel somewhere a long way off. Carlisle is very nice! Flat too! πŸ˜ƒ Well the city is πŸ™‚

  • Only one night in Carlisle, in Exmoor now!

  • I love springer spaniels! They are so much fun to take outside. Your post has made me remember my Wilma. I think a dog could very well be my perfect running buddy. The trail running sounds amazing. I've been sticking to tarmac during the c25k but am keen to try different areas as I progress. (Did my first beach run this morning) Will try a trail run next having read your post. Oj

  • Mr.Squiggs (short for Squiggles given to him by the children in his first home!) loves pulling me along! It is really useful having the Canicross belt so I can attach him when needed (sheep nearby, deer or poor fencing near roads/railways/livestock etc). This run in the forest he was off lead most of the time but still just trotted along the track (a major improvement to a few months ago when he often did a disappearing act after deer, birds etc - once on a scent his recall becomes non-existent!). Trail running is great fun and very interesting- different surfaces improve balance and off road is certainly less wear and tear on the knees! Give it a go!

  • Sounds like you had a fun impromptu run! I think I would get lost and end up with a search party lol. Happy running tourism!

  • I did end up in a housing estate at one point and had to double back onto the track again!

  • What fun you and Squiggs had...and a lovely no pressure run, had you clocking up the kms.. Well done to you Sue and enjoy your hols ....😊x

  • It was fantastic to run a longer distance again πŸ˜€

  • Great post and a lovely run. It's good when a plan comes together πŸ‘

    I am thinking about a canicross lead. Did Mr Squiggs need much training to get the hang of it(or did you for that matter)?

  • Squiggs was used to a harness and has always liked running ahead and pulling so he took to it straight away. I just say 'let's go!' and he is off! I tried using a climbing harness at first but quickly realised a specially designed harness was important (pull is from hips/bottom rather than waist). I have a Zero DC 'speedy' belt which is brilliant, comfortable, secure, just great. I have to concentrate, especially when he is pulling hard and we are on uneven ground but I love it!

  • Mr Dog likes to run and I have run with him on the lead but obviously this is not ideal. At the moment I run mainly off road and so he can be running free, I'm just anticipating the winter when we might need to do more road running if the weather is bad.

    Thanks for the advice and enjoy your holiday :)

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