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My running week

Monday went quite well with a nice relaxed 10k in 1:06:18 which in the grand scheme of things seemed ok. I purposely tried to run at a slow pace and seemed to achieve that. My time will improve in the next few months hopefully. Wednesday I got up to very heavy rain and winds so decided that I wouldn't run at silly o'clock in the morning, so went to work and then when I got home the weather had improved so just went, instead of intervals, for a short 3k run but at a faster pace than normal. That went well although I realised why I don't like running after work, I felt significantly more tired and put that down to running in the afternoon/evening. Today's run would have been much better if some stupid idiot (that's me) had started the stopwatch at the end of my wrist to give me the correct time for my 5k. Still it was in the 30 minute range at a rough estimate and I was happy with that. I keep telling myself when I think about my times that this time last year I couldn't run to the end of the path so it puts everything into perspective.

Until next week stay injury free and keep on running.

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A great running week, well done! I tend to dodge the rain if I can but on a long run yesterday, it was unavoidable so I just enjoyed it - cooled me down too - then the sun burst out of the clouds! I just use Runkeeper on my phone and it tells me every time I cover a km and my time. Other than that, I like to plod in quietness. I might try some music next week and see how that goes. Julie

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Well done, and I'm the same, I'm rubbish in the evening but it's always better to run that not run!!!


Yep it certainly is ๐Ÿ˜€


Well done on your running week. Running after work is always hard but you got out there and you did it!

Onwards and upwards ๐Ÿ˜บ

Happy running ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ


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