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My Running Week

Welcome all to my inane ramblings on my running week!

Monday was my return to a slightly longer distance. Had a chest infection over my Christmas holidays which was quite frustrating as I was going to use my time off effectively for some harder training, well that all went out the window and couldn't do anything so had run a few times prior to Mondays run so ran for approx. 8km at a nice gentle pace. That felt ok so Wednesday at 05:50 started my dreaded intervals. I am beginning to dislike them (only because I feel that they are so hard) but still do them as I know they have helped me with my times. The down side is that when running the actual intervals as you get fitter you push harder so you feel as though nothing is changing as such, but the benefits really show in your other times and runs, hence while I grit my teeth and continue with them. This mornings run went quite well, decided to just run and not worry about time (its a constant struggle for me to not worry about time) so just started at a nice steady pace and ran a 29.20 5k this morning without keeling over. So quite happy about that. I will be looking for probably 9-10k on Monday but at a slow pace, interestingly I saw a post on here that had a link to runners world and it gave a pace calculator that opened my eyes a bit to see that I had been running at a tempo speed (for me) for almost all of my runs, I will be working on that. I hope that you are all well and injury free and keep on running!

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Sounds like it's going fab and must be great to be back after illness! Must look in to tempo and interval training lark as up til now I have taken things fairly steadily I think. My times are improving, and I have successfully focused on extending my long runs to 10k. Have managed one sub 30 min 5k but would like to make this a more regular thing as I tend to run just outside this! Will have a look at that link again I think.

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Well done, and intervals really do work... Keep up the good work...!!

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