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Behcet Friendly Products

Hmmm in my last blog i posted about my story so far, i included the craft frenzy i have entered as a result of losing my business and becoming unemployed on DLA.

And the lovely Tamirra requested to buy some of the behcet friendly products that iv been playing around with.

So here is the list of bath/body products that my own fair hands have made for those of you interested....


All paraben and Sls free. Everything available as either a bathbomb, a soap, a shampoo, a cream or a body wash etc....

we have the

'Behcet Warrior extreme Bliss'

with essential oils to help with arthritis and rhuematic pain, with analgesic and stress reducing effects

iv also invented the

'Behcet Warrior Flake Away'

for psoriosis and skin ailments.

'Behcet Warrior flare Scare'

A totally relaxing stress reducing analgesic

'Behcet Warrior bedroom boost'

an aphrodisiac for those low libedo moments

'Behcet Warrior Stamp the Cramp'

Aroma oils to help ease IBS and Chrons symptoms.

suitable for men and women!

Been tried and tested by me... and yes they can help!

and dont trigger behcet symptoms as all natural

not that im trying to flog them or anything lmao...

If you also have other symptoms or children I can make products for them also just send me a quick PM.

I will be donating to the Society also, as its through behcets that iv actually developed this talent....

I am also looking at hosting short workshops on making them as well within the community for children, starting with my daughters friends- its a great craft day and they abs love it!

You may see me at the next AGM with a stand lmao! wearing my behcet warrior tshirt lol!

I have a huge ambition and drive lmao... i had to stop my business which was massage as i literally couldnt do the job anymore... so iv enlisted on a teaching degree, english and maths course, herb craft course to make herbal tinctures, did a bach flower remedy course and so on lol....

Despite this being horrid to live with its also opened some amazing doors for me and iv also met some truly inspirational and amazing people along theway.

one door closes and another one opens! thats what I say!


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I think this is a great idea and will PM you for prices and postal address.

I would also happily pay a fee to attend a class with you in the future!

Go girl! Jill


Hi where can I get some of this sounds really good as I need to be paraben free and more


awe thanks Jill!

And mark you can get them from me! jus send me a quick pm and we can go from there.

Im going to put together a price list this weekend



this sounds great! terrific for you! :)


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