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Could this be Behcet's`?


Hello everyone!

I am really very confused if I have Behcet's or not. Around 2 years ago I started getting very painful, recurrent mouth ulcers almost every month. At the time they started I used to get around 10-15 of them. I wasn't sure if this was the result of my birth control (I started taking bc pills at around the same time) or a vitamin deficiency.

I went to my dentist and he told me it could be because of menstruation.

At the same time I also started getting stomach pain almost every night. I would wake up with the stomach pain and after around 15 minutes it would disappear. I suspected that could be indigestion.

Around that time I also had one episode of an inflamed left foot. Got tests done for gout, came back negative. One doctor told me it could be cellulitis.

I also have very sensitive skin, especially on my lower legs for a very long time. My mother also suffered from itchy lower legs. Went to a skin doctor, told me it could be dry skin.

Now, the most weirdest symptom ever: eye pain and blurry vision on my left eye. I got my lasik surgery done around 3 years ago so I now suspected this could be because of that, although it is really rare to get myopia back after lasik for someone as young as me (I am 26). Went to the eye doctor, he told me my eye looks fine and it could be because of stress.

I changed my birth control pill, I have gone on a gluten free diet and my mouth ulcers seem to have reduced (not sure why) but my eye pain and blurry vision has increased. I also got tests done for my recurrent stomach pain and the doc said I just have too much gas.

I really don't know if I have an autoimmune condition or this is just something I am sinply freaking out about? I often feel very tired and feel like my brain is coudy and I can't concentrate or feel good about myself. I also often get joint pain on my wrists, shoulders knees. Again, I am wondering if this is 'just my lifestyle' since I sit on the computer a lot and I get stressed very easily.

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Get your sed rate checked in a simple blood test . If elevated , suspect Behcet's, and get a second opinion on your eye from an opthamologist, NOT an optometrist! Good luck !

The thing is other auto immune conditions could be the cause Lupus also causes ulcers as, I think, does Sjogren's. As suggested check esr crp and also ana blood tests. They are not always positive though even if you are affected. Get a specialist opinion. X

See an opthalmologist STAT. you have blurry vision and eye pain - how are you even getting around? Make an appointment as soon as you can .

Once that is sorted, if the opthalmologist hasn't already diagnosed you, a rheumatologist should be able to determine if Behçet's by ruling out other possibilities (like lupus for example) and conducting full blood work.

I'm so sorry the various doctors you've seen have been so unhelpful. Be sure to keep a diary of symptoms with dates, severity and photos if possible and show it to doctors when you see them.

hi, i have all the same things you have with no genital ulcers. My vision is blurred and it is hard to focus. I get mouth and eye ulcers and really bad knees. You need to get blood tests done as my white cells are very high. So many little things i dismissed as being not connected i have found are all due to my condition, like my scalp hurts if i touch it and my palms are bright red. The stomach pain is due to ulcers in the stomach and medication is needed along with a steroid eye drop and mouth wash. Fight for your life ! many doctors have no clue. Do research and insist on blood work for thyroid and white blood cell levels

Hello everyone, thank you so much for your support and attention.

I wasn't clear earlier. I did go to an opthamologist and he told me that I have blurry vision on my left eye because of stress and that everything else looks normal in my eye. He told me because of stress my eye muscles are not able to relax, causing them to tighten up and this is bringing my myopia back.

Also, I checked some of my old blood reports. My bloodtest three years ago reveals a normal ESR and normal white blood cell counts. 2 years ago I got another blood test when I had this inflamed foot, results showed a very high CPR level (35). My doctor said this is because of the inflammation in my foot but he did not mention any underlying disease.

In my most recent blood test I have a low haemoglobin count. I have had problems with anaemia before so perhaps the mouth sores are because of anaemia?

Another thing I have to mention: my night stomach pain has dissapeared since I stopped gluten. I do not know if this is because of less fiber in my body or actually because of gluten intolerance. But I am happy it has now gone.

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