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Hey guys I am fundraising for the Behcets Syndrome society, I am doing a sponsored MBS event and Ghost walk lol eek. its going to be a very long day and I know it will exhaust me and cause a flare, but if it gets money in for the Behcets society and iv done a good turn it will be worth it in my eyes! flaring for a reason lol. But im going to get a steroid inj in advance to help me out.

I have enclosed the page for the event itself on just giving and you can see all the amazing charities we are raising for and then also the link for my own personal page with my behcets story.



Im hoping to do more in the future as well.

The event is open to all so please those of you who live in the northwest and are up to it pop along to the event and take part!

im not asking for huge donations, simply £1 from every person would be amazing as it all adds up and there is enough of us on here to make a difference.

As you know our disease isnt well funded, there isnt much scope for us and we rely on fundraising to really generate some productive cash flow. Plus we get to have a say into where it is channelled.

Thanks so much guys, please do repost and spread the word round, im hoping it will be a noticeable donation that will be looking much healthier than us lol!

I am posting over facebook and have written off to several magazines and so on. its all about behcets awareness, im even going to be selling wristbands and tshirts from the society on the day!

lets get our awareness out there! its about time that people have just as much consideration for autoimmune conditions as they do cancers.

Like I said just £1 adds up and makes a huge difference!


Text BSSI56 to 70070

Thanks guys

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Wow you have been busy

I take my hat off to you

Unfortunately do not live up your way but hope you have a good day and it doesn't knock you too much.

Will have a go at the donations tomorrow as it is 2am in the morning and I am up due to sweating.

Did you know it is rare Disease day on the 28th Feb ?

here's a link


I thought it might interest you

Good luck



The link just goes to the log-in page....


Yes I do, iv been advertising it on my fb page.

Awe sorry bout that

It should be justgiving.co.UK/Elizabeth-...

Im still in hosp will double check later

The text giving info is bottom of the page xx


Hi Lizzy

Thanks for doing this Lizzy, will be with you in spirit :)

Have also shared on Facebook.

Take care too won't you?

Sharon xx


Thanks so much for doing this Lizzy, The Society has done so much for us and continues to do so. I'm certainly very grateful for that.

My friend is doing a half marathon in a few weeks, his second for BD. It's sometimes the case that we members and our families are the ones who make most of the donations, so as Lizzy says, if you can share the links via twitter, facebook and any social media, and ask your friends, family, neighbours, work colleagues, family and whoever you can think of to do the same, perhaps we can reach some of the wider population and raise even more funds and awareness.

I don't know which would be my worst nightmare, a ghost walk or a half marathon - I certainly wouldn't do either! A sponsored chocolate eat is more my sort of thing ;).

When I was involved in a sponsored walk we managed to get a 10 minute slot on local radio to promote it, posters up at my GP surgery and in whoevers window we could persuade to display one, and feature in local town magazine and funds raised far exceeded our expectation, so any publicity is good.

Best of luck Lizzy and thank you in advance to everyone who is invoved with fundraising, whether organising, participating, promoting, donating - all those who put in their time and effort for the Society. The link to my friend's sponsored walk is here:http://www.justgiving.com/HilandDave


Thanks Lizzy

Just to let you know that the new link above you gave us is working fine and I managed to go through the process o.k and have also linked it to my facebook page so hope it all helps



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