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Fed up of hormonal contraceptives


I don’t know what to do. I’ve been trying different ones for the best part of 5 years and can’t find one to suit! I want to come off of hormonal contraceptives altogether but my GPs have always put me back on something. Should I go back to the GP?

I’ve written below all that I’ve tried.... I can’t have oestrogen containing pills etc as I used to get bad migraines.

I was on cerazette and decided to trial the coil after being in a long term relationship - side effects were ok, but the coil was too low and caused pain so had it removed.

Went back to Cerazette which made me super paranoid.

Then after being convinced by the GP tried the implant - the worst 18 months of my life, 3 week long heavy periods with 1 week of nothing, mood swings etc.

I had that taken out and decided on another coil as it was ok before. I had that for a year, but it never settled. I had it taken out to find it wasn’t in properly in the first place.

I was put back on cerazette but have now been on Noriday for 7 months and still getting side effects such as irregular periods which are heavy with bad cramps, bad acne, sore breasts.

I’m at the end of my tether with it all and the doctors don’t seem to understand! I’m fed up with worrying if I’m going to be caught out by an unexpected period and having awful acne which puts my self esteem down :(

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Please persevere! Being caught out by an unexpected period will be the least of your worries. If you simply abandon contraception the pregnancy is far worse. If you are not already doing so are you going to a "Family Planning Clinic" or whatever they are now called? If you do not want children then sterilisation is an excellent option. If you are young but certain you may have to push for that!

Have you considered a non hormonal copper coil? I hated hormones too and had a copper coil fitted. Felt much better, periods were bang on time, a little more painful and heavier but nothing major. I have had to go back on a Depo injection because my coil was painful when changed and I hate the side effects.

I would attend a reproductive health service who are experienced in IUD fitting and have one inserted there.

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