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IUD Copper Coil problems

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I had a IUD copper coil fitted 3 months ago and it’s caused me no end of problems. My periods have become much more heavier and painful. My depression has worsened and I feel low mood sometimes. I’ve also started having sleep problems since having it fitted and now having to take sleeping medication to help me sleep. I also know a number of other women who have had the similar problems. I feel I’m suffering because of insomnia because before when I didn’t have the copper coil in I had no problems sleeping. It’s crazy that the GP’s and sexual health clinics don’t tell you about the full side effects of this. Even though it’s hormone free it’s side effects are a nightmare. I would strongly advise anyone who is or who has decided to have this fitted that they query this first with their sexual health clinics. Not enough health professionals are detailed about the problems it causes. Please can people share their thoughts and opinions on this?

25 Replies
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Hi.. sorry to hear about your problems since having the coil fitted. It can take about 3 months for it to settle down and you will find your periods are heavier and maybe more painful as a result of the loss. The clinic should have advised you about that.

What concerned me more was that you said you felt depressed. That made me wonder if you've recently come of the pill, after a long time? If so, the drop in 'artificial hormones' can cause that in some people. Ideally, what should have happened is to be weaned off the pill... thereby giving your body time to re-adjust and start producing the hormones on its own... that can take some time... especially the older one gets. Coming off a hormone treatment suddenly.. can cause depression. The depression has nothing to do with the coil.

Hope that helps.

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AnnaBaker in reply to saj01

OMG, finally I read this. When I stopped the pill after about 7 -8years and decided to go natural with copper IUD, i had the same problems. My GP said my theory of should've been weaned off hormones first is rubbish. I never had anxiety or depression issues until I switched suddenly from pill to zero hormone iud. J

MY GP further said its more likely that it's psychological not a hormonal problem!!! Now since I had a baby I haven't had any hormones for year and half. I'm planning to go back on the copper IUD. 🤞 thanks Saj01 because you made me feel 100% better!!!!!!

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saj01 in reply to AnnaBaker

Not being sexist... but was your gp male?... If you have a sympathetic gp, if the depression continues,you could ask for a 'hormone test'.. if nothing else, just to rule it out - as youre not taking any contraceptive pill and the test would show whether you have an hormone imbalance.

Low estrogen does affect the uptake of serotonin...regardless of age. If you think about it, that's why as you get older, perimenopausal onwards, most have period problems, and some start having emotional ones.. Middle aged women, in particular when going through the change often suffer with depression. There's the hot flushes, insomnia, body changes.... no wonder we end up going ga ga!

In the meantime, might be worth a look at your diet... certain foods can help raise serotonin and lifestyle changes can raise dopamine levels.

I have read that for some people the copper coil is not suitable... although it doesn't contain any hormones, your body may not like the copper.... some people do report similar problems as you... but whether it's a combination of coming off the pill and introducing copper into the system I really don't know.

Take care x

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Alexa2918 in reply to saj01

I really needed to read this, thank you! I thought I was going insane. I was on the hormonal implant for 6 years then switched to the copper coil. At no point was I warned of any possible emotional side effects of going ‘cold turkey’ of the artificial hormones. I

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Hi i have had the copper fitted in abiyt 2 years now. It does take afew good months to settle in as i did get longer periods but now its fine. All the people i know have had this fitted have never experienced depression or insomnia linked to the copper coil as it has no hormonal side affects. Maybe you are taking other medicines where you sleep and depression is affected by. Do discuss this issue with a doctor.

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I'm not aware of the IUD causing sleep issues. It's a small but of plastic with some copper wound around it. Some women can experience heavier and more crampy periods, sometimes tummy discomfort which is usually short lived but can take longer to settle.

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Yes me too!! I'm on no medication whats so ever and suddenly I'm in constant pain, can't sleep, no energy, depression and anxiety have gotten worse. I was fine 2 months after having it fitted then my problems all started after I had my first anxiety attack. Then came the constant back pain, acne and fatigue. My mood swings were all over the place and I got agitated with the smallest things. A year on and I'm even worse. Im struggling with every little thing and had so many tests done to fine the problem and i put it down to the coil. It's being removed next week and I couldn't be happier.

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I've come across a group that have all experienced the negative effects of the copper IUD. facebook.com/groups/2105383...

Any advice and these people can help.

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Hi dear! I am sorry to hear that. I had the same coil fit 10 years and today I have replaced it with the new one. I am very happy , it helped me so much. No side effects at all! I think if you feel that much uncomfortable, you need to remove and change your coil to another one !!

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Currently awaiting tests results back on a hair mineral analysis for copper toxicity. They don't tell you about this risk but heavy metal poisoning affects your mental health severely.

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It caused my periods to last 10 days or over. Sometimes I have spotting between periods. It gives me agonizing pain. Painkillers like paracetamol or ibuprofen don't touch the pain. My periods are very heavy, causing me to leak regularly, ruining many bed sheets, which never used to happen. For ten days each month, I am completely debilitated. It even gives me a sharp stabbing pain in my thighs sometimes, and I get pain in between periods as well. It's ridiculous. When they put it in, it felt like my ovaries were being stabbed with a knife. I've seen on the internet that many women who have a copper coil suffer from copper toxicity, which causes them various mental health problems as well as physical symptoms. If you ask a health 'professional', they insist that that is impossible. But N.H.S. and Western/modern doctors don't know everything. You could get advice from a natural/naturopathic doctor. My coil has been in for over a year and my symptoms got worse not better. I'm paying a private doctor to remove it now since the N.H.S. is denying thousands of people healthcare, due to the Coronavirus situation, which by the way, is less deadly than flu.

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dawnydoll in reply to JasmineJasmine

I’m so sorry to hear to have been experiencing these problems.. I completely understand and the grief that this copper coil causes is a nightmare. The nhs doctors don’t tell you about possible side effects of these things when they are put in. If you are not happy with it due to the side effects then have it taken out. I am having mine taken out tomorrow at my local sexual health clinic, I’m so looking forward to having it out. I’m going to try the mini pill instead to see if it works any better for me.

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Drumstick in reply to JasmineJasmine

Omg. It’s exactly the same side effects that I struggle with. Had an appointment to remove the copper coil and gp just cancelled it because of COVID-19!!! Every single detail is the same with what I struggled with right now.

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Emerald1995 in reply to JasmineJasmine

Girl this is me right now, your story is exactly what I am going through

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I got my very first copper coil put in on Thursday last week, and got my period on Sunday. It is RIDICULOUSLY heavy, I have never ever experienced bleeding like this.

I know that it’s quite normal for the first few months to experience heavier periods and so I’m not too worried. However, there are a few more other things that are slightly worrying me a little...

The first thing is itching... I have a slight itch every so often “down there” which could maybe be the threads settling in?

Another thing is slight lightheadedness! I got this the day after having the coil fitted and still have it now (5 days later) - it’s not constant and it’s not enough to stop me driving/working etc but it’s annoyingly and I can’t find anything on the internet about others experiencing this!

And the final thing is bloating and gassiness.. again this could just be due to my period but it’s worse than normal lol!

Posting here so that hopefully someone has experienced similar and can put my mind at ease!

Thank you!

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dawnydoll in reply to Chix24

Awww no problem hun, that’s what we are all here for. I’m so sorry to hear you have been experiencing side effects from the copper coil. I’ve had mine in for a year and 2 months, i just don’t feel myself and haven’t been sleeping properly for months. I have a feeling my body doesn’t like the copper in the coil. It’s made my periods so heavy and painful every month and I’ve been getting awful itching and thrush with it too within the 2 weeks of when I ovulate right up to when I get my period. Not nice at all. Luckily I’m getting it out tomorrow at a local sexual health clinic and I’m going to try the mini pill instead. The doctors don’t tell you about the side effects when they put things like this in. If I had the money I would be going private as the nhs health care services have been krap since the Covid 19 situation. I hope you manage to resolve it, if your not happy have it taken out. Hope all goes well for you 🙏

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Chix24 in reply to dawnydoll

Oh no that really does sound awful! I hope everything resolves once it’s out! All the best!!

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I've not had an issue with sleeping as I'm a bad sleeper anyways but the pains I get since having this are paralysing to me. Majority of the pains leave me paralysed and I cannot move or do anything until it's passed. I even struggle to take deep breaths during this. Hot water bottles don't work neither does paracetamol. I tried a 30/500mg co-codemol and even that didn't work I had to take another one. After this the pain eased slightly so I could move around but it was still there just not as bad. At the time of fitting they said pain will last around 3-6 months. I'm now in my 6th month. If it continues over the next month or so I'm having it out.

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Abot93 in reply to Archie189

I had the same problem before that made me decide to call my GP and ask for help with this paralysing pain and luckily i got my prescription. It was the best, as the paracetamol, ibuprofen and other pain killers doesn't help me. It called “MEFENAMIC” since then i am all good. Pain is gone and back to normal period (not that heavy anymore)!

Seek help from your gp. Hope it helps. Cheers!

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Sorry to hear how its affected you! I recently had the copper coil fitted 6 weeks ago and i have been getting period-like cramps since. They range from mild to severe, where im doubled over in pain. I can't say its affected my sleeping pattern or my mood. Ive also been spotting ever since aswell. I swear its also the cause of my back ache aswell, down in my lower back. Im not sure if ive given it enough time to 'settle in' but im not sure how much longer i can put up with this!

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Lauz1986 in reply to Yellowflower912

I had the coil fitted just over a week ago and experiencing very odd pains. Like shooting pains everyone and again. Sat here now after my Christmas dinner with what feels like period pain. I have no hopes for the coil as all I’m reading is bad reviews (which I wish I had read before) I had the coil fitted whilst on my period so definitely not due on yet. :-(

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I had my IUD fitted 6 weeks ago. A skin rash appeared about three/four weeks ago now and is getting worse and more itchy. Could it be related to my iud

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I have had some issues with my non hormonal coil,ive never used contraception before,went on it the first time over 2 years ago.After about 2 weeks i started getting breakouts,still get them whereas before this i never had any spots.i have also noticed im more emotional just before my period,i get frustrated very quickly,get angry and then i just end up crying.I do sometimes feel very very lonely and get hints of depression,its a very scary thought.I am a mum of four beautiful chidlren all under 12,so i have my handsful and yet feel so isolated.

I understand that its the coil talking so i can just get on with my life,but its no way to live is it really? I do look at myself and feel ugly,worthless,forever unhappy with my body.Im 34,i gained weight with having my babies,about 5ft 4,slim size 8-10,people tell me ive done so well to lose thee weight and i look very young for my age,but for me i just dont have that belief.My confidence and self esteem is low and i think its to do with the coil. I dont remember feeling so helpless and worthless before i had this put in.

I dont know what else to do. 4 kids in enough ,and i need to take a new form of contraception but i am afraid of the side effects the gp's forget to mention.

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Hi, I can relate to what you're going through. I had my coil fitted 4 weeks ago. I absolutely regret doing it, I have bled non stop. I had to go to A&E cos I was getting dizzy alot and the lower abdominal pains was just crazy. Anyway they only gave me Tranexamic acid to reduce the bleeding which it isn't working much.I am now thinking of getting it removed cos I can stand it. I have also noticed my moods are up and down, not sure if its related to the coil or ots the bleeding thats making me feel low.

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I have had the iud copped for over 4 years now and my period pain is getting much worse, i tried all pain killers but no effect. And yess after reading your post I have noticed my low mood and feeling down as well as not been able to fall a sleep. I having it removed next week although the nurse is trying to convince me to take stronger perscribed pill from the GP or go for the hormonal coil. I have no idea what contraception to go for i dont want pill or injections maybe i will go for condoms

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