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Am I pregnant?


Hello. I had sex about a month ago (April 16th). I used protection the whole time , no rips no tears but I haven’t gotten my monthly. I am irregular so sometimes it goes off then comes back , but now I’m worried it maybe pregnancy. My stomach hurts a little more than normal and I feel a little nauseous not to bad . I’ve taken tests the 2nd week after I had sex which came negative. I can’t be pregnant, I just can’t . I made sure I used protection properly. Any help?

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You probably aren't pregnant if you used protection. Anxiety and worrying delays your menstrual cycle as well as other factors. The best way to find out would be to go to your doctor and have a blood test done. Blood tests are a little more accurate than peeing on a pregnancy test. I would advise some type of other contraceptive/birth control added to the usage of condoms if it worries you to be pregnant after sex. That way you'll have more of a piece of mind.

just take a test

no your not pregnant since your test came out negative you may just be sick like have the stomach flu

Testing 2 weeks after sex is too early. You need to retest . Bit if you used a condom the entire time, there should be no risk.

Also please do not listen to those telling you to just take a test and be happy with the result. I was pregnant with my twins and didn't know for the first month because of a false negative. I tested myself around 5weeks. Blood tests are the way to go if you feel unsure about the results you've gotten with the in home pregnancy test.

I appreciate the responses. I just tested again since it has been over 5 weeks , again negative. I honestly feel like I’m fine , since I did use a condom no hiccups. I’m working on trying to get on birth control.

Awesome news. If you still haven't gotten your menstrual, have them check you to see if you have polycystic ovaries

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Did you get you’re menstrual Cycle yet .

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No I have not .

I’ve just had the same thing happen to me. I took 3 tests and they were all negative and I re tested yesterday and got pregnant 2-3 on clear blue and positives on other cheap tests! Sometimes your hormones may just not be high enough and contraception is never 100% I’ve fell pregnant twice on contraception x

Wow....I’m 100x scared now . Did you notice changes in your body that made you think you were pregnant?

The only thing I’ve noticed was my missed period and my boobs felt really heavy. You may of ovulated later than normal so there still could be a chance you might be pregnant! Honestly I just had a feeling I was pregnant and 2 weeks after the first test I had taken I tested positive. I ovulated a lot later than what I normally do

Thanks for the information but I’m really hoping that I’m not .

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How can you be pregnant if the condom didn’t split not possible unless it had broke . just go to the doctors and they will run some tests stop stressing out and relax the more you stress out the more you’re period won’t turn up . pregnancy isn’t possible if the condom didn’t split .

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The condom didn’t split so not possible unless what she is saying is wrong .

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