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Mirena coil for heavy bleeding

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Hey all, what are people's experiences of the mirena coil? I suffer really bad with extremely heavy unpredictable periods and severe ovulation pain. My GP has suggested the Mirena Coil.

Has it lightened your periods? Has it stopped ovulation?

22 Replies
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My cycle was normal up until I missed 2 months and had a miscarriage because of the IUD but over all cycles were never heavy. How long have you had it?

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Charlotte1213 in reply to Pixie859

I have had heavy bleeding from my periods started. But the flooding has been from august after over 3 years with no periods due to the pill. My periods are at least twice a month now for past couple of months.

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Charlotte1213 in reply to Pixie859

I don't have it yet but my GP has suggested it. Im just interested in other people's experiences before I make my mind up.

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Suz07 in reply to Charlotte1213

I've had 1 today.i want it out tomorrow.unhappy

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I had exactly the same problem. I tried many contraception over the years and I has side affects from all of them. I got the mirena coil fitted and has the same problem. I was heavy for a few days then it changed and become unpredictable i had to carry products every were I went. After 3mnths I slowed down and in total it took me 6mnths until all bleeding stopped. As for ovaulation pain mine subsided gradually over 3/4 months.

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Charlotte1213 in reply to Ladyv76

I think I will give this a try then.. I've got nothing to lose

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The hormone released periodically from the Mirena coil does help reduce heavy menstrual bleeding - so its information brochure says everywhere. Basically, it prevents the endometrial lining from getting much thick - the lesser the endometrium the less will be the flow when it sashes during AF. However, I haven't found many women happy with this setting to undo heavy bleeding. Did you get all the tests and scanning done already to rule out the odds? Eventually, there's some underlying reason if it's an abnormally heavy unless it's the person's usual type. Like I bleed pretty less and it lasts only for 3 days have been that way for years. There's also Tranexemic acid and NSAIDs that might help if IUD wasn't any good. But both are serious prescription only medication so discuss their possibility with Dr and don't try any medicine all by yourself. Meanwhile, home remedies like hot brewed garlic tea and hot compress do relief the pain of menorrhagia a bit. Hope this information be of some help... stay well! :)

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Charlotte1213 in reply to AmbK

I had a transvaginal scan done in 2012 and showed PCOS. I have been on Cerrazete for roughly 3 years and never had a bleed but in august this year I suddenly started getting periods again but recently the bleeding has turned to flooding and I've been getting at least 2 a month for the past couple of months. I have been running 2 packs of the pill back2back since august and still have really heavy periods.. I really don't know what to do anymore. Doctor wants another hormone profile but i already know i have PCOS.. is their anything else that can be picked up from a hormone profile?

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I would say I have medium to heavy periods and the merina has completely stopped my periods besides the odd spotting here and there and also a few cramps but that's about it :)

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AmbK in reply to cleaverrage

It's not good to not have regular periods - our body needs it to stay healthy and reproductively functional. It is fair enough if you miss one AF in the following months right after installing the coil, but in long run, it should give you regular periods. Any contraceptive will stop ovulation but there's always the only hormone induced periods and mostly as a clockwork. The odd spotting and cramps will be there due to the IUD, it's probably the breakthrough bleeding. It's the hormone doing its mischief - will be gone in some time don't be worried about that.

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Sarag10970 in reply to cleaverrage

I have the marina in about a month now n get the very sharp pain is this normal?

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I had the Mirena coil fitted about a year and a half ago due to very heavy, painful periods. I was having light bleeding all through the first 8ish months, my doctor advised that it was just my body getting used to my IUD. The bleeding was always brown in colour and i was getting small clots aswell, it wasnt until i had had the coil in for about a year that the bleeding more or less disappeared. Every few weeks i'd get really light bleeding but i was still getting stomach cramps and back pain. I was just so glad the bleeding had settled down so i felt it was beginning to work for me.

It has now been approx. 18 months since i had my IUD fitted. I have just made an appointment to see my doctor again because for the last 2-3 months i have started bleeding again and am suffering from menstrual pains again, it is constant now so i am thinking of having my IUD removed. It just seems to have caused nothing but stress and hassle. At least without the coil i know when my period is going to come without any surprise bleeding - i have to carry sanitary products with me all the time, and i need to wear pantyliners everyday.

Before trying the mirena coil i was getting prescribed Tranexamic Acid to stop my very heavy bleeding, it does help most of the time. I also get really bad menstrual pains that are so bad i cannot do much for the first 2 days of my period. The Mirena coil was my very last option of things to try to manage my bleeding and pains.

But, my friend initially recommended the mirena coil as she used to have all the same symptoms and, she swears by it and has not had a period atall in the past 5 years!! - Lucky girl!!

It is definitely worth giving it a go, as its just the same as everything else...........everyone is different and will have different experiences. I wish you well, and goodluck, i hope it works out well for you!

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Jbold1 in reply to AnxietyHell

Get it taken out. It's not worth it. Get the Depo shot & get a uterine ablation if you're still having bleeding. I don't need birth control but just need something for the heavy bleeding. That's why I've been researching the NovaSure, ablation. All of my kids are adults & don't need to worry about that anymore but am still too young for menopause. I'm on a blood thinner too due to stroke risk & afib. So, my periods are super sucky. The uterine ablation seems to be the way to go for me. I was on the shot for many many years but don't need the headache of going to get it every three months when i already need to worry about getting my INR checked & other things for my health. Ugh, i think warfarin is typically given to older people who don't have periods anymore, lol.

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I’m wondering if someone could advise me please?

I had the Mirena coil fitted Wednesday gone. Can you advise how long it took to settle down initially. I’m still in a bit of discomfort 4-5 days on!

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Jbold1 in reply to AEM29

Get it taken OUT! I knew someone who thought her bf gave her an STI but found out it was a serious infection from the damn IUD. Those things should be taken off the mkt!

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marina12345 in reply to AEM29

hi ihad the mirina fitted 2 wks ago and am still bleeding after having polyp removed and heavy periods ihave been told it can take up to 3 months to settle .I feel the same too 3 months feels along time if you bleed every day .Hope we get some relief soon .

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Suz07 in reply to AEM29

I got 1 yesterday. I'm ringing to say I want it out NOW .really unhappy.

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I've had the mirena for a year still heavy bleeding . Dr has now suggested I may need endometrial ablation as the coil simply hasn't worked for me . I would say give it a go and see how u get on .x

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Jbold1 in reply to Blackstar37

U CANNOT get the ablation while u have an IUD though, just an fyi.

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Try the shot. Those IUDs have done awful things to women. I loathe doctors that suggest IUDs! If you're looking for something to quell the bleeding, try NovaSure. It's only for women that are finished having kids though...and IS NOT birth control. The Depo shot always stopped my period though.

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What are the side effects of the Depo Shot when you first get it?

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Having the mirena coil was a God send, my periods were so heavy I became anemic each month, I was fed up with taking iron tablets. The consultant gynecologists suggested the coil and its fantastic😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁 nearly 5 years on and I've had no periods no discomfort nothing , I'd highly recommend it.Getting anxious as I'll need to have it taken out soon as mine only has a 5 year shelf life

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