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3 weeks late copper coil

I have had the copper coil for almost 5 years then its due to get changed next month and its never had any bad effects. I am always on time for my period but this month I am over 3 weeks late. I had slight spotting 3 weeks ago then one wipe it was gone never to return. 3 pregnancy tests later and they are all negative. Last one taken yesterday. I feel the pains as if I am due to come on but after a while they go. I'm constipated, have headaches, feel a little sick now and again, tired, going more often to the loo and a bit confused with how messed up my body is being.

Has anyone experienced this? What was the outcome? It's been nearly 8 weeks since my last period so I will have skipped a period all together in a few days! Hoping I come on soon but no luck yet.

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Me to had coil just over a year and i have not had a period for nearly 8 weeks . Going to doctors next week to see if normal.

What age are you ? your menstrual cycle can also be affected by other conditions, thyroid etc

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Checked for thyroid etc before as routine for tremfya injections. I'm 27, normal health apart from psoriasis. Going to doctors next week. Took another pregnancy test today but definitely negative so don't think pregnancy is the reason. Not got pos either. I'm a little heavier but not severely obese and weight has been the same for years. I don't smoke or drink either.

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Not sure what tremfya injections are. If you are unwell for other reasons it can affect your menstrual cycle. Your doc can do a hormonal profile.

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Do you think it's too early to go to docs? They usually say go when you miss a few periods

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You are correct, they usually wont investigate until you have had no periods for at least 3 months I think , might be even longer. But obviously if you have other problems, you can discuss with them

I was on the iud and had all of the above symptoms, and I actually had 3 positive pregnancy tests due to mine coming out of place, I had to get booked in with the place it got fitted so they could do their own tests as well, maybe call your doctors and see if they can help

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Was you pregnant? I'm now 4 weeks late but think a stressful night shift last night isn't going to help my period come any quicker!

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Yep, I’m currently 16w now. Best thing to do is seek advice hun, I done a test 3 weeks after I missed my period xx

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Mine are still negative so looks unlikely for me xx

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Ask them for a blood test to check the level of hormones in your blood I had to have the test because I wasn’t that far gone they couldn’t pick the baby up on the scan and that’s how they monitored me for the first few weeks

I had the copper coil fitted the beginning of 2018 and it got to October 2018, my period was 2 weeks late and I put it down to the stress of being in a car crash but as time went on I began feeling really sick and having cramps but my period just wouldn’t come so I had a feeling something was up. I took a pregnancy test and I was pregnant. I had to go for an emergency scan straight away to test for an ectopic but it wasn’t it was a healthy baby with a heartbeat. Still to this day the doctors and nurses can’t believe how it happened because my coil was still in the exact position it was in when it was fitted.

If you suspect something is up do a test!!

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Done tests but still negative. I have the doctors on Sunday as they do weekend appointments so hopefully find out what is going on then. Still no period

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I hope you get sorted! There’s nothing worse than not knowing what’s wrong x

Doctor said it looks like I have pcos which isn't good. Waiting for blood tests to come back and also an appointment for an ultrasound scan. Will update once I have answers.

Hi I have the same problem I have missed a period I have done a test but not with my first morning wee the test was negative should I just wait our make a appointment for my gp?

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