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Dealing with the pain of herpes

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I am currently onto day 5 of my first ever outbreak of herpes....i don’t know which type yet. Before last week I hadn’t had sex for nearly two years, this is not the best welcome back to the world of intimacy. I have been given Acyclovir for 5 days and i’m Due back at the clinic next week. Does anyone have any advice to dealing with the pain? I’m in the bath for the third time today as it’s the only place i feel totally at ease. I’m terrified every time I need to wee. As a person I am very matter of fact and let’s face it I can’t change what has happened, just need to work on going forwards.... thanks in advance

5 Replies
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Hey I’ve had genital herpes for 14 months and it took me a while to come to realisation with it. I had to tell my current boyfriend that I had herpes and this was the first time I had to tell someone. Luckily he wasn’t bothered about it. I’ve been on acyclovir for the whole time I’ve had herpes and it really does help! I’m going to go on a break in the next couple of months just to see how my body reacts without them. I’ve heard that Lidocaine cream helps as it numbs the area I haven’t used it before though. Cold teabags on the breakouts also help soothe it too! Hope this helps ☺️

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Thanks for that 👍🏻

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A lidocaine 5% ointment can help to numb the pain. If you are in the u.k. it's normally only available at that strength by prescription. if you can't get that try Emla cream from the chemist or a 2% lidocaine.. it's quite dear though. You might try a lemon balm ointment ( from the herb melissa) You can also try using an aloe vera gel which soothes it a bit. The first outbreak is usually the worst. Keep off of nuts . You might try taking a lysine supplement which is an amino acid... which does help to keep it a bay for sometimes.

Unfortunately there is no cure, but hopefully you won't get them too often.... everyone varies.

Due to being a strong advocate of natural remedies to aid my body with fighting 'non-life threatening' ailments, I'd strongly recommend applying bicarbonate of soda (tried and tested). Even though it's a chemical I prefer it to consuming medication (personal preference).

Due to never being 'officially' diagnosed with herpes but having occasional breakouts after the initial regular ones, I have found this 'natural' remedy to be remarkable. Don't get me wrong, it stings but depending on when I apply it (and how often) the lesion can either not appear at all as though stopped in its tracks (if applied the moment I feel the onset via a slight tingle/itch) or within two days if applied directly onto the lesion three to five days after cleaning the affected area. The pain and discomfort is in much shorter burst , therefore reducing them... In my view.

If you do try this. Please let me know how you get on.

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Feel your pain I remember my first outbreak was horrendous couldn't sit down I kept showering and bathing in salt water it will get better

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