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is using only condoms a safe method of birth control?

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I'm 21 and recently entered into a relationship, neither of us has had sex before but me and my boyfriend both want to. I spoke to my friends a lot about it and a lot of them are telling me that only using condoms is a 'stupid' idea because they aren't effective enough to prevent pregnancy. I really don't want to go on the pill or get the coil, the idea of messing with my hormones is not something I ever want to do. I've done a lot of research and am getting conflicting opinions, am I being too naïve in thinking that only using condoms is a safe method or are my friends just trying to scare me? (most of them have been in long term relationships for years/ were already on the pill for periods or acne beforehand but I have never had the need for it myself).


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Condoms can be safe but not 100 percent. If it rips and the cum gets inside then u will be pregnant but u and your boyfriend just need to be careful. I have done sex on condoms without contraception and been fine. Just depends on the condom if it rips or not

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I’ve had sex with condoms like 20 times. Outta the 20 it’s recently that I’ve seen one break. 1/20*100% = 5%. Means condoms are 95% reliable. Which is the best. The reliability increases with the quality of the latex. So I’ll recommend that. It’s the best form!

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Hi kar123

Like the previous replies say, most of the time condoms work fine, but they arn't quite as reliable as hormonal methods or the coil. This is because very occasionally they break or slip off. I've used condoms a lot. Both problems have happenned to me but it's not common. Breaks are usually caused by either long finger nails or the lube wearing off in a long session. So get yourself some water based lube.

Bottom line, if it goes wrong you will know at the time. If you do get a condom break or fall off, just go and get the morning after pill.

So relax and enjoy the sex with your nice boyfriend

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Hi i have used condoms for the last 12 years while being in a relationship with my partner. They are very effective and prevent you from an unplanned pregnancy. Like you i was very anxious about disturbing my hormones and worried about using any other contraceptive method as they all have side affects. Condoms are vert reliable and safe to use if you both are happy with this method. The only time we didnt use them is when we planned to start a family.

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Personally I wouldn't rely on condoms alone as a failsafe method of contraception. It only takes the one sperm to get through due to splitting or it coming off.

I'd discuss the latest methods with your local nurse.

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Nothing is 100% safe when it comes to protection from pregnancy. However, both condoms and hormonal contraceptives are equally effective. Besides, messing up with hormones there's also infections that the hormonal contraceptives do not really helps with. So, it's best you stick to condoms for now... both of you are young and just stepped into a relationship. Don't be negligent on protection.

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Condoms if put on properly are 98% safe. I found this on the NHS website

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