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The truth about a coil fitting

So after browsing the internet endlessly I found it extremely difficult to find what I deemed as a realistic account of what it’s like to have the coil fitted.

I’m 23, never had a child and relatively healthy. For the last 7 years I’ve had the implant- the first two times I had it inserted, I loved it- barely any periods- minimal side effects. Perfect! However the third time came with all the side effects, weight gain, spots, mood wings galore... oh and the bleeding was constant, 3 months of hoping that I’d wake up and not look down to see blood and I finally gave up and had the thing removed... however, apparently this isn’t unheard of with the implant. Your body almost becomes immune to the hormones and they no longer have the desired effect?

So, I went for the coil- arrived at the contraception wing in hospital feeling relatively confident as (despite hearing horror story after horror story) I have a pretty high pain threashold.

The nurse was amazing, spoke me through the procedure- cool. Pants off, legs up!

At first I just felt uncomfortable, I got asked to cough and a horrific shoot of pain went into the put of my stomach followed by what can only be described as a insanely intense cramp and the urge to poo!!! I believe this was my cervix being clamped- I let out a naughty word and the 2nd nurse very quickly passed my gas and air which I used to my full advantage. The intense cramp continued and a few more shoots of pain later the nurse took away my beloved gas and air and said it was done.

Very quick I must say, but it was painful, more than I expected.

After a minute of laying down and having tests I was allowed to get dressed and actually felt okay- just had bad cramps. (I struggled with really bad period pains as a teenager so I am kind of used to this)

The car ride home however was not pleasant. Luckily my partner drove me and I could chill out in the passenger seat. However the pain continuesly got worse during the journey and I was in puddles of sweat despite it being mid December and the window being open.

I started to think something was really wrong and was jut desperate to get home and crawl into bed.

Eventually the 30 minute journey was over- it felt like hours. I took some painkillers, stuffed my face of comfort food and managed to et a few hours of intermittent sleep.

Once I woke I felt 10x better- I’m still cramping 3 days later. But it’s bareable. The bleeding isn’t too heavy and hopefully will subside soon too.

So to sum it up, the coil isn’t going to kill you, but it DOES hurt, even for the toughest of cookies. So say yes to gas and air, take a deep breathe and DEFINITELY blag someone else too drive you home afterwards!!

J x

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I had a coil fitted a month ago had 3 weeks of bleeding and now nothing and no side effects but we will see how it goes

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I’m still bleeding currently and the cramps are starting to calm down so I’m definitely positive!

How was the pain for you?


i had a new coil fitted on the 22nd November. My second one, I am 34 with no children. I dosed myself up on painkillers and dizapam before but it still hurt! you were lucky to get gas and air, no chance at the family planning clinic! I was sore for about a week, crampy and bleeding but i too suffered really bad period pains when I was younger. My first period was quite painful but i am hoping it will all settle down next month. Best thing is I can forget about it for the next 10 years and my next one is hopefully my last! All i want to know is were you offered a check up at 6 weeks? When I had my first one I was but I was told they no longer do this anymore?? I am slightly concerned as I have checked the manufacturers leaflet and this is recommended???


I am having a checkup next week


I had the exact same question! On the leaflet the nurse even wrote on the sticker I need a check up in 6 weeks... I will call my local clinic closer and hopefully they will as it’s my first?

I’m also nervous about checking for the threads- I have no idea what to feel for so the checkup would be a great help!


I am going to get mine checked. I am going to ring and ask. However i have now got a letter reminding me my smear is due and they usually check it then anyway! I do check the strings but they can be hard to find sometimes as the Drs can cut them quite short. I couldn't always find mine but my last one I had in 5 years was fine and it was removed easily so I wouldn't worry.

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hey, i had mine fitted in a drs surgery and with no pain killers and found it was only uncomfortable while they placed it but no actual pain at all having it put in, though the cramps afterwards lasted 2 weeks(gradually going like period pains would) and bled for 3 weeks but only had one very light bleed since and had it for 4months now


Wow lucky you! Have you had kids? Apparently if you have it fitted after childbirth it’s a lot less painful as the cervix has been opened before?


Ahh Yes, that could be it, I have 2 children might explain why it didn't hurt me as much as I thought it would

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Thanks for your post. I am 31 and not had children. I've had 3 coils now with mixed experiences with all 3. I am very jealous with you having had and air. This has not been an option with any of the fittings I've had.

Cramps have varied from carrying on for a few days to about 2 months. I don't think it's the most comfortable contraception but it does the job it seems.

On the leaflet it does say that you should have a check up as standard 6 weeks afterwards and yearly after this. I highlighted this to the doctor and she said they only have 'check ups if the patient reports a problem. I get if you dont think therr is a problem thats ok, but it's been advised by the manufacturer. I had a coil in for 7 years and hadn't realised it had moved until I was in alot of pain. So I hadn't actually been 100% covered for I don't know how long. So it's always good to your own checks regularly and do the 6 week check up x


Great! Thanks for the advice, I will definitely try and book in for the 6 week check- more of a piece of kind than anything. X


I got my copper coil 2 days ago, so far everything all good, so fingers crossed! I was terrified when I went in, as I had actually been to the doctors 3 weeks previous to get it, but insertion failed. I am also no longer allowed anything with hormones so this felt a bit like my only option!

But my second successful insertion didn’t even hurt! Not one bit, not the clamping or even insertion, the only bit I felt was the measuring stick. I did take 2 ibuprofen and a paracetamol so I expect that helped.

I’m still slightly cramping, so I hope by the 3 day mark mine will have subsided too :)

Thanks for sharing this x


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