I hate this anxiety every time somebody is unwell in my family :0()()))

My husband woke me up an hour ago saying he had a headache and didn't feel well.... And boom there we go!!! My heart was pounding , going to toilet , hot and cold etc... Panic attack strikes!! Thinking he has a brain tumour or something else life threatening ! Try to calm down but I can't sleep.... Tried that hypnotherapy on YouTube but still very anxious! I wish I could just look after my hubby and kids without getting this fear , it makes it so hard I hate this! Will it ever go away?


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  • How long have you been suffering with this?? If not long then its associated with something that has happened recently. Maybe someone close to you has died or something? Get a counsellor who deals with CBT. If you have suffered with it for a long time then I recommend getting a counsellor in Schema Therapy. Difficult to find and might be expensive but It works on the basis of thoughts and behaviour patterns which dominated your life as a child. You have brought these thought patterns, or schemas, into adult life and attached them to your life experiences now, but you shouldn't be doing that. For example, and this is an easy example for explanation purposes. Suppose, as a child, you had parents that were always ill and you had to cope with looking after them. AS a child you were scared and frightened just in case you couldn't do it and you felt that it was your fault. Unconsciously you have received the message that you are the care giver and that their wellbeing was down to you. YOu have now brought this message into adulthood and attached it to your own family. Hope this makes sense. Tell me how you get on. Kerris x

  • I understand completely been suffering with this for ten years I am going to counseling with me it is a slow process hope you feel better

  • Kerris my counselor explained it to me in a similar way to the example that you gave only thing is you did a better job. Thanks I need the reminder.

  • HI. sorry to hear that you feel like this. I am care giver and I sometimes feel like this! over the past year a few of my family have been ill and more often I think the worse! now it affects myself and I often think there is something bad is going to happen to me! i came across an something called " health anxiety" .... you could look it up. it may help to talk to someone and look into something that may help! look into CBT..hope things get better for you?! take care.

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